3 New Ways Companies Are At Risk For Security Breaches

3 New Ways Companies Are At Risk For Security Breaches

New technologies mean new conveniences and new risks.
People give up more information to companies who ask for it without a second thought, but those companies that people give information to may be at risk to have it stolen through a security breach.Being aware of these risks can help you keep your information safe.

Cloud-Based Storage

Information is no longer held securely on physical servers managed solely by internal IT departments.With many types of information, and photos, stored on cloud based servers that aren’t necessarily completely secure, your information could fall into the wrong hands easier than you think.The recent celebrity photo leaks prove that cloud based technology may need a bit more vetting before it can be truly called secure.

Hard Copies

Not all companies outside the healthcare profession have consistent hard copy document control.Hard copies of receipts, forms, and bank statements could easily fall into the wrong hands and be used to steal security details of any company.Shredding these documents will help to ensure the security measures taken are followed through on in regards to hard copy documents.

Electronic Information

Most data is transmitted electronically to conduct business.This opens up many different types of opportunities for security to be compromised both inside and outside your company.Files saved on your secure servers are still accessible to your employees and they can easily steal personal, financial, or intellectual property information that would be damaging to your company.An internal breach of security is most dangerous- you may never know about all of the information that was stolen or passed on outside the company.

Regardless of your concerns about security breach risks, there are measures your company can take to keep information safe.
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