5 Organizations with An Increased Risk For Identity Theft

Organizations at increased risk for Identity Theft

Some organizations have an increased risk for identity theft based on a few different factors.The types of information they require to do business as well as their high level of visibility make these 5 organizations more susceptible to identify theft.


Colleges and universities not only have access to their students’ information but also their parent’s. While students may not be great targets for identity theft, parents are.Parents hand over a ton of information to schools when enrolling their children, often including social security numbers and bank details.


Security measures put in place with government facilities include background and credit checks of their employees.This information is saved in their files and could easily fall into the wrong hands if security wasn’t at its best in these facilities.

Healthcare Facilities

Patient information is tagged on their files, on test results, and on nearly every piece of information patients are required to have at healthcare facilities. With so many people that need to access patient information, it is easy for identity thieves to access to information as well as a way to steal healthcare benefits they may not otherwise be able to obtain.


Banking institutions require a lot of personal information not only to set up an account but also to access an account you have set up.Banks have all of your information including address, proof of residency, mother’s maiden name, first pet’s name, and any other obscure fact that may be used as forgotten password retrieval.

Credit Card Companies

Much like banks, credit card companies have all the personal information of their customers.If an identity thief manages to steal your identity from a credit card company, they likely got your credit card number as well, and can spend your entire line of credit.

Responsibly managing documents can help all of these types of organizations ward off identity theft. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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