5 Organization Types with An Increased Risk For Identity Theft

Increased Risk For Identity Theft
Some organizations have an increased risk for identity theft based on a few different factors. The types of information they require to do business as well as their high level of visibility make these 5 organizations more susceptible to identify theft. College Colleges and universitie
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Identity Theft: the Real Business Risks

Business Identity Theft
Do you have secure information in those business files? When asked whether they need a written secure destruction policy to protect both their business and client information, most business owners might say “No, we handle our processes internally.” The truth is, most people just don’t
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Is Your Alaska Document Destruction Service Securely Handling Your Sensitive Information?

You’ve taken steps to ensure the sensitive information put into your hands is handled securely by employing the services of an Alaska document destruction company.You tell your clients you use a reputable company to handle their information. But how do you know the sensitive informati
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3 New Ways Companies Are At Risk For Security Breaches

Security Breaches
New technologies mean new conveniences and new risks. People give up more information to companies who ask for it without a second thought, but those companies that people give information to may be at risk to have it stolen through a security breach.Being aware of these risks can hel
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Proper Document Disposal: It’s Time to Join the 21st Century

Proper Document Disposal
Standard business practices evolve and adapt over time. We learn from our mistakes, regulations are put in place, and new procedures become the standard.These changes benefit businesses and their customers because they enhance efficiency and make data more secure. Sending Data From ca
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How To Assure Your Customers That Their Data Is Secure

Your customers put a lot of faith in you when they hand over their personal information.How do they know their data is truly secure when doing business with your company? There are a few ways to assure them that they’re data is secure. Post Security Handling Policies Posting informati
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How to Implement The Clean Desk Policy At Your Healthcare Facility

Healthcare Facility
The Clean Desk Policy is a great way to ensure sensitive information is secured, or destroyed, at the end of each day. Information left in the hands of your employees can be sensitive and contain the personal or financial information of your patients or clients.   Understanding t
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Coach Employees About Your Green Business Solution

Green Business Solution
Once your company has committed to using a Green Business Solution , getting the buy-in from your employees is important. Whether it be implementing new recycling policies or another form of planet saving business practice, spreading the word and getting employees to follow the new re
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How To Train Your Employees About Phishing Identify Theft

Phishing Identify Theft
You put a lot of faith in your employees. Some of them may know all of your financial information, others may have company trade secrets. Your employees should be trained to avoid phishing scams that may target your company for identity theft. Phone Calls Cold calls from sales people
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Are Your Employees Disposing Of Information Properly?

Disposing Of Information
Your company and customer information must be disposed of properly when it’s no longer needed. The proper destruction and disposal of sensitive material is ultimately your responsibility, and that includes anything your employees have disposed of. Procedures and Protocols Having writt
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