Identity Theft: the Real Business Risks

Business Identity Theft
Do you have secure information in those business files? When asked whether they need a written secure destruction policy to protect both their business and client information, most business owners might say “No, we handle our processes internally.” The truth is, most people just don’t
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Are Your Employees Disposing Of Information Properly?

Disposing Of Information
Your company and customer information must be disposed of properly when it’s no longer needed. The proper destruction and disposal of sensitive material is ultimately your responsibility, and that includes anything your employees have disposed of. Procedures and Protocols Having writt
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How Legal Compliance Can Affect Business Security

Business Security
If you need more reason to be legally compliant when it comes to your business security, look no further. There are guidelines and laws everywhere you look on how to handle sensitive business information and the reason is simple – it’s very easy for criminals to steal identities
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Hard Drive Destruction : How To Do It Properly

Hard Drive Destruction
In the digital age, we often forget about the personal and professionally sensitive information we save to hard drives. Hard Drive Destruction is on the top of the list of importance in data security. There are many reasons a hard drive would need to be destroyed. Most commonly, a com
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Is Your Business Ready for a Data Breach?

Data Breach
According to IBM, the average cost of a data breach is $4 million. The same study also found that the average cost per confidential record stolen was between $154 and $158. Statistics also show that there’s around a 22% chance that your organization will be successfully targeted
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The Crucial Importance of Monitoring Your Credit Files

Monitoring Your Credit Files
Having a reasonably good credit rating is essential if you want to obtain finance at an affordable rate. If your credit score is poor, it makes perfect sense to obtain a copy of your credit file, and set about doing whatever you can to remove any negatives and give your creditworthine
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PART 1 ” What You Need to Know About Detecting and Avoiding Identity Theft”

Identity Theft
The problem of identity theft has been a growing concern in recent years, and both ordinary people and law enforcement officials have taken notice of this growing problem.  The motives behind identity theft vary somewhat, but they are invariably financial in nature, and those who fall
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Customer Misconception: Only Large Records Purges Need Destruction (not daily paper)

Large Records Purges
from “Selling Information Disposition by the Book” (vol. 4) by: Bob Johnson, NAID CEO The third most costly misconception is when customers do not give appropriate attention to destroying the media that they discard on a daily basis in the normal course of business (usuall
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6 Ways To Protect Your Business From Data Breaches in 2017

6 Ways To Protect Your Business From Data Breaches It may not be incredibly surprising, but identity fraud is the number one fraud in Alaska! It seems like every week we’re hearing about another security breach at one of those big companies. Well those breaches are certainly big issue
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Document Shredding — a Sure Way to Safeguard Information

Document shredding is a front-line defense against inadvertent release of confidential data. In today’s litigation-minded society, even a minor breach in the security of personally identifiable information can lead to a costly lawsuit. Or it could severely damage the reputation
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