Are Your Employees Disposing Of Information Properly?

Disposing Of Information
Your company and customer information must be disposed of properly when it’s no longer needed. The proper destruction and disposal of sensitive material is ultimately your responsibility, and that includes anything your employees have disposed of. Procedures and Protocols Having writt
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How Legal Compliance Can Affect Business Security

Business Security
If you need more reason to be legally compliant when it comes to your business security, look no further. There are guidelines and laws everywhere you look on how to handle sensitive business information and the reason is simple – it’s very easy for criminals to steal identities
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Is Your Business Ready for a Data Breach?

Data Breach
According to IBM, the average cost of a data breach is $4 million. The same study also found that the average cost per confidential record stolen was between $154 and $158. Statistics also show that there’s around a 22% chance that your organization will be successfully targeted
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4 Important Low-Tech Cybersecurity Measures

Low-Tech Cybersecurity Measures
Anyone and anything can be hacked, which can spell trouble for a business. While larger companies like Yahoo and Sony can afford bad publicity, smaller companies can find their growth stymied for years after one security breach. Even medium-sized companies could get knocked down a kno
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Customer Misconception: Only Large Records Purges Need Destruction (not daily paper)

Large Records Purges
from “Selling Information Disposition by the Book” (vol. 4) by: Bob Johnson, NAID CEO The third most costly misconception is when customers do not give appropriate attention to destroying the media that they discard on a daily basis in the normal course of business (usuall
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Keep Your Personal Data Safe – How to Protect Yourself in the Age of Data Breaches

Data Breaches
It seems that barely a week goes by without another  high profile data breach. From the largest retailers in the world to hospitals and major employers, companies seem to be losing track of their data at an unprecedented rate. Whether those data breaches are the result of poor data se
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What is Friendly Fraud and How Can Your Business Stop It?

Friendly Fraud
There’s a new brand of fraud in town that business owners have to account for. It’s called “friendly fraud,” a process where people file reports with their banks or card issuers claiming that a legitimate purchase was actually unauthorized. The consequences for
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Paper Shredding and HIPAA Laws

Paper Shredding and HIPAA Laws
Paper Shredding and HIPAA Laws have been put into place to protect patient health information and it is your company’s responsibility to obey those laws and keep your patients safe. HIPAA, among other things, specifies that patient medical information must be treated with confidential
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Identity theft has exploded into a major problem. Whose responsibility is it to protect the consumer?

protect the consumer
We have heard a lot about consumers’ personal information getting into the hands of identity thieves. More and more people are taking steps to minimize their exposure to such theft by reducing information on personal checks, refusing to share social security numbers with just anyone w
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Consumer Rights Under Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act has strict privacy requirements to protect debtors from the embarrassment of having others know they owe a debt, keep them from being fired solely because they owe a debt, and further protect them from overly aggressive debt collection practices.
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