5 Ways to Help Keep Your Small Business Organized

small business
Your small business is likely one of the most important things in your life. There are some easy ways to keep your small business organized and keep everything running smoothly. Consistency One of the best ways to keep your small business organized is to be consistent in every aspect
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How to Implement The Clean Desk Policy At Your Healthcare Facility

Healthcare Facility
The Clean Desk Policy is a great way to ensure sensitive information is secured, or destroyed, at the end of each day. Information left in the hands of your employees can be sensitive and contain the personal or financial information of your patients or clients.   Understanding t
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Identity theft has exploded into a major problem. Whose responsibility is it to protect the consumer?

protect the consumer
We have heard a lot about consumers’ personal information getting into the hands of identity thieves. More and more people are taking steps to minimize their exposure to such theft by reducing information on personal checks, refusing to share social security numbers with just anyone w
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Schedule Your Fall Office Clean Out | Alaska Document Shredding Services

Alaska Document Shredding Services
As we enjoy the last few days of summer in Alaska, as school is back in session, most people are getting back in the office swing of things. This is an ideal time to schedule a fall office clean with Alaska Document Shredding Services, to de-clutter and reorganize. Whether it’s
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