NAID AAA Certification Program

NAID AAA Certified Shred Alaska
NAID AAA Certification Program When it comes to service provider qualifications, choose the certification program with strength and integrity. Did you know that Shred Alaska was the very first NAID certified document destruction company in Alaska? When a business like Shred Alaska lea
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3 Forms of Media Destruction that Companies Need

media destruction
Technology has long been evolving and changing to meet the needs of businesses and consumers. In doing so, the platforms that information can be saved on have multiplied and this has made media destruction more complex. To keep your company and personal information safe, keep these fo
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What is Friendly Fraud and How Can Your Business Stop It?

Friendly Fraud
There’s a new brand of fraud in town that business owners have to account for. It’s called “friendly fraud,” a process where people file reports with their banks or card issuers claiming that a legitimate purchase was actually unauthorized. The consequences for
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How to Make Your Business Green in 5 Steps

Responsible entrepreneurs increasingly are becoming more interested in running their businesses in a sustainable manner, rather than focusing purely on profit. Considering how a business impacts the environment has many advantages. Small changes can make a big difference over time, an
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Smart Tips for Protecting Your Data Online and Off

You have a lot of personal and sensitive information to protect, and the way you treat that data can mean the difference between spending months recovering from identity theft and enjoying a stress-free life. Therefore, it’s important to understand the difference between deletin
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Security Risks of Paper Document Storage

Paper Document Storage
The need for paper document storage, is not going anywhere anytime soon. Even with the onset of paperless technology options, paper is still widely used. This is the reason it is essential that organizations secure a document through its entire life cycle. Utilizing a few techniques c
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Cook Inlet Housing Authority Client of the Month – September 2016

Cook Inlet Housing Authority
Proud to announce Cook Inlet Housing Authority Client of the Month September, 2016! An exceptional organization that empowers community and people to create the best of what Alaska community has to offer, our neighborhoods! Cook Inlet Housing provides affordable opportunities for indi
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Schedule Your Fall Office Clean Out | Alaska Document Shredding Services

Alaska Document Shredding Services
As we enjoy the last few days of summer in Alaska, as school is back in session, most people are getting back in the office swing of things. This is an ideal time to schedule a fall office clean with Alaska Document Shredding Services, to de-clutter and reorganize. Whether it’s
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Data Storage Records Disposal, and Security Breach Laws

Data Storage, Records Disposal management is vital to a healthy organization. Printed material and PCs pretty much record each exchange made by a business. So keeping this data sorted out, exact, and secure, is critical to ensuring the classified data it contains. Here are vital parts
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Bering Straits Native Corporation May 2016 Client of the Month

Proud to announce that Bering Straits Native Corporation is the Shred Alaska Client of the month for May, 2016! Formed in 1972, Bering Straits Native Corporation (BSNC) provides real estate management, development, tourism, construction, mining services and sales of rock and aggregate
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