How To Choose A Paper Shredding Service

Paper Shredding Service
How To Choose A Paper Shredding Service Document destruction is a vital part of business and personal information security. Here are three tips for success in your small business. Identity theft is one of the most common crimes committed in the current age and the easiest way to get i
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Trends In Paper Shredding

Alaska Paper Shredding
Paper shredding is one facet of information destruction that is constantly evolving. Where much more simple forms of paper destruction and hard drive destruction used to be sufficient, more complex and crafty criminals mean information needs to be handled more effectively. As in other
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How To Assure Your Customers That Their Data Is Secure

Your customers put a lot of faith in you when they hand over their personal information.How do they know their data is truly secure when doing business with your company? There are a few ways to assure them that they’re data is secure. Post Security Handling Policies Posting informati
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Coach Employees About Your Green Business Solution

Green Business Solution
Once your company has committed to using a Green Business Solution , getting the buy-in from your employees is important. Whether it be implementing new recycling policies or another form of planet saving business practice, spreading the word and getting employees to follow the new re
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6 Simple Ways to Go Green At Home

Go Green At Home
Everyone knows that going green is a good idea. We should all try to do our part to preserve our planet for future generations. However, many of us aren’t sure where to start. Often green ventures like installing solar panels can be costly and recycling centers may not be available in
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Simple Ways to Embrace Green Business Practices

Green Business Practices
Transforming your business into an eco-friendly company can help you save money, ease your company’s burden on the planet’s resources, and help you build a little good publicity. You don’t have to completely renovate your office or throw out your old electronics to r
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Ways to Increase Paper Recycling in the Office

Many decades after the concept of a paperless office first became a staple of the business world, the use of paper is just as widespread as ever. While advances in corporate communication and the adoption of the latest technology has reduced paperwork to some extent, any office worker
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How to Make Your Business Green in 5 Steps

Responsible entrepreneurs increasingly are becoming more interested in running their businesses in a sustainable manner, rather than focusing purely on profit. Considering how a business impacts the environment has many advantages. Small changes can make a big difference over time, an
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Huffman Family Dentistry Shredding & Energy Stats

Shred Alaska recognizing our March 2016 Shred Alaska Commercial Paper Shredding Client of the Month. We have clients that continue to partner with Shred Alaska to protect not only their customers sensitive information, but to save trees and reduce their carbon footprints! Huffman Fami
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Recycle and Energy Stats YTD 2015

Recycle and Energy Stats
If you follow the Shred Alaska Recycle and Energy Stats for 2015 you noticed that we update our stats on a monthly basis. We were the first document destruction service to provide this information and wanted to show a transparent view of what our operations life cycle actually is. We&
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