Trends In Paper Shredding

Alaska Paper Shredding
Paper shredding is one facet of information destruction that is constantly evolving. Where much more simple forms of paper destruction and hard drive destruction used to be sufficient, more complex and crafty criminals mean information needs to be handled more effectively. As in other
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3D Virtual Tour of Shred Alaska HD Mobile Destruction

Take a Virtual Tour around our 3D HD shredding truck
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Is Your Alaska Document Destruction Service Securely Handling Your Sensitive Information?

You’ve taken steps to ensure the sensitive information put into your hands is handled securely by employing the services of an Alaska document destruction company.You tell your clients you use a reputable company to handle their information. But how do you know the sensitive informati
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How To Assure Your Customers That Their Data Is Secure

Your customers put a lot of faith in you when they hand over their personal information.How do they know their data is truly secure when doing business with your company? There are a few ways to assure them that they’re data is secure. Post Security Handling Policies Posting informati
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Hard Drive Destruction : How To Do It Properly

Hard Drive Destruction
In the digital age, we often forget about the personal and professionally sensitive information we save to hard drives. Hard Drive Destruction is on the top of the list of importance in data security. There are many reasons a hard drive would need to be destroyed. Most commonly, a com
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6 Tips to Protect Your Digital Files

Protect Your Digital Files
The security of digital files is a concern for most people, as cyber-thieves can use compromised files to view sensitive information, gain access to financial accounts, and steal identities. Taking steps to secure data and digital files is essential for both individuals and businesses
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Tex R Us

Excited to announce Tex-R-Us is Shred Alaska’s Client of the Month for December, 2017! Our very FIRST Mobile Hard-Drive Destruction client has been named as our December 2017, Shred Alaska client of the month. Alaska’s technology experts that provide both “support
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What is the Value of One Hard Drive? Shred Alaska Offers HD Destruction

Shred Alaska Offers HD Destruction
It can be very, very expensive, both to your reputation and your bottom line. As this Seattle Times Article stated, the value of a hard drive to Washington State University turned out to be quite expensive, with as many as 1 million people impacted and a total cost between the Univers
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3 Forms of Media Destruction that Companies Need

media destruction
Technology has long been evolving and changing to meet the needs of businesses and consumers. In doing so, the platforms that information can be saved on have multiplied and this has made media destruction more complex. To keep your company and personal information safe, keep these fo
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Smart Tips for Protecting Your Data Online and Off

You have a lot of personal and sensitive information to protect, and the way you treat that data can mean the difference between spending months recovering from identity theft and enjoying a stress-free life. Therefore, it’s important to understand the difference between deletin
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