5 Organization Types with An Increased Risk For Identity Theft

Increased Risk For Identity Theft
Some organizations have an increased risk for identity theft based on a few different factors. The types of information they require to do business as well as their high level of visibility make these 5 organizations more susceptible to identify theft. College Colleges and universitie
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Identity Theft: the Real Business Risks

Business Identity Theft
Do you have secure information in those business files? When asked whether they need a written secure destruction policy to protect both their business and client information, most business owners might say “No, we handle our processes internally.” The truth is, most people just don’t
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How To Train Your Employees About Phishing Identify Theft

Phishing Identify Theft
You put a lot of faith in your employees. Some of them may know all of your financial information, others may have company trade secrets. Your employees should be trained to avoid phishing scams that may target your company for identity theft. Phone Calls Cold calls from sales people
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How Legal Compliance Can Affect Business Security

Business Security
If you need more reason to be legally compliant when it comes to your business security, look no further. There are guidelines and laws everywhere you look on how to handle sensitive business information and the reason is simple – it’s very easy for criminals to steal identities
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5 Digital Identity Theft Threats That Credit Monitoring Doesn’t Prevent

Digital Identity Theft
Millions of consumers are at risk of digital identity theft. Unfortunately, credit monitoring (alone) doesn’t prevent digital identity theft. That’s because changes in credit score show credit events that have already happened – like identity fraud. Therefore, if you
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The Crucial Importance of Monitoring Your Credit Files

Monitoring Your Credit Files
Having a reasonably good credit rating is essential if you want to obtain finance at an affordable rate. If your credit score is poor, it makes perfect sense to obtain a copy of your credit file, and set about doing whatever you can to remove any negatives and give your creditworthine
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Before it’s too Late: Personal Records and Document Management

Personal Records and Document Management
Whether you’re a twenty-something young adult or someone fast approaching the century mark, you can die unexpectedly. While no one likes to dwell on that prospect, having your affairs in order will help your family deal with the aftermath. Assuming you’ve already created a will or a l
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Medical Identity Theft

Medical Identity Theft
You have heard of identity theft, but what is medical identity theft? It’s when someone steals your identity and uses it for obtaining medical care. Most medical records are going digital. Thus, they are becoming more vulnerable to hacking, and more patients are at risk. Why Is
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Identity Theft – What to do after the Equifax breach

What to do after the Equifax breach
Alert! Whether you realize it or not, your personal identification has probably been compromised in the Equifax breach.  Millions of people’s identifying factors, like social security number, were stolen during this unprecedented security hack of 2017. Although the attackersR
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PART 2 ” What You Need to Know About Detecting and Avoiding Identity Theft”

Identity Theft
How Can I Tell if I Am A Victim of Identity Theft? Since recovering from identity theft can be such a long, time consuming and expensive process, the best defense is a good offense, and that means taking steps to spot potential identity theft problems before they can do a great deal o
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