Do You Recognize These 3 Small Business Identify Theft Scams?

Small Business Identity Theft Scams
Your business may be at risk for small business identity theft scams. Scammers have found the need to get crafty since many Americans are now aware of their scams- requesting bank details for a Nigerian Prince to fork over millions just isn’t going to cut it anymore. Are you and your
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5 Organization Types with An Increased Risk For Identity Theft

Increased Risk For Identity Theft
Some organizations have an increased risk for identity theft based on a few different factors. The types of information they require to do business as well as their high level of visibility make these 5 organizations more susceptible to identify theft. College Colleges and universitie
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Identity Theft: the Real Business Risks

Business Identity Theft
Do you have secure information in those business files? When asked whether they need a written secure destruction policy to protect both their business and client information, most business owners might say “No, we handle our processes internally.” The truth is, most people just don’t
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3 New Ways Companies Are At Risk For Security Breaches

Security Breaches
New technologies mean new conveniences and new risks. People give up more information to companies who ask for it without a second thought, but those companies that people give information to may be at risk to have it stolen through a security breach.Being aware of these risks can hel
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How to Avoid Tax Return Fraud

Avoid Tax Return Fraud
It happens every year. Honest, hardworking taxpayers spend months gathering up their paperwork and estimating their tax liability. They tax their stack of papers to their trusted tax preparer, only to receive the bad news that someone has already claimed their refund. Tax return fraud
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6 Tips to Protect Your Digital Files

Protect Your Digital Files
The security of digital files is a concern for most people, as cyber-thieves can use compromised files to view sensitive information, gain access to financial accounts, and steal identities. Taking steps to secure data and digital files is essential for both individuals and businesses
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Before it’s too Late: Personal Records and Document Management

Personal Records and Document Management
Whether you’re a twenty-something young adult or someone fast approaching the century mark, you can die unexpectedly. While no one likes to dwell on that prospect, having your affairs in order will help your family deal with the aftermath. Assuming you’ve already created a will or a l
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Educating Students: Three Steps to Guarding Personal Information

Guarding Personal Info
The Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) was passed in 1974.  This act was passed so students could examine their school records and correct false information.  However, there has been renewed interest in the law over the last few years.  The part of the law stating a st
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PART 2 ” What You Need to Know About Detecting and Avoiding Identity Theft”

Identity Theft
How Can I Tell if I Am A Victim of Identity Theft? Since recovering from identity theft can be such a long, time consuming and expensive process, the best defense is a good offense, and that means taking steps to spot potential identity theft problems before they can do a great deal o
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PART 1 ” What You Need to Know About Detecting and Avoiding Identity Theft”

Identity Theft
The problem of identity theft has been a growing concern in recent years, and both ordinary people and law enforcement officials have taken notice of this growing problem.  The motives behind identity theft vary somewhat, but they are invariably financial in nature, and those who fall
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