Hard Drive Destruction : How To Do It Properly

Hard Drive Destruction
In the digital age, we often forget about the personal and professionally sensitive information we save to hard drives. Hard Drive Destruction is on the top of the list of importance in data security. There are many reasons a hard drive would need to be destroyed. Most commonly, a com
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How to Avoid Tax Return Fraud

Avoid Tax Return Fraud
It happens every year. Honest, hardworking taxpayers spend months gathering up their paperwork and estimating their tax liability. They tax their stack of papers to their trusted tax preparer, only to receive the bad news that someone has already claimed their refund. Tax return fraud
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Tips for Keeping Personal Records

Personal Records
Keeping your personal records in a safe and secure location is an essential aspect of personal financial health. It is important to be able to put your hands onto the information that you need at any given point in time. Of course, it is easy to remember what your social security numb
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Educating Students: Three Steps to Guarding Personal Information

Guarding Personal Info
The Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) was passed in 1974.  This act was passed so students could examine their school records and correct false information.  However, there has been renewed interest in the law over the last few years.  The part of the law stating a st
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Paper Shredding and HIPAA Laws

Paper Shredding and HIPAA Laws
Paper Shredding and HIPAA Laws have been put into place to protect patient health information and it is your company’s responsibility to obey those laws and keep your patients safe. HIPAA, among other things, specifies that patient medical information must be treated with confidential
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Document Shredding — a Sure Way to Safeguard Information

Document shredding is a front-line defense against inadvertent release of confidential data. In today’s litigation-minded society, even a minor breach in the security of personally identifiable information can lead to a costly lawsuit. Or it could severely damage the reputation
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Biggest Risk For Information Theft in Alaska

information theft
Your employees are your front-line in protection against information theft, but they might also be your biggest risk. There are many ways to keep your information safe and it all starts with your employees and how they handle information. Information Storage Depending on how your file
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Drop Off Documents For Shredding

Once you’ve decided it’s time to start shredding your business or personal documents, you might decide that using a drop off shredding service is the best way to start. There are a few guidelines to remember to ensure items are ready for a drop off shredding service. Shred Alaska Inc.
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Is Your Health Care Facility Following Paper Shredding Protocol?

Your patients put their trust, and identities, in your hands. Shredding patient paperwork that is no longer needed for their files is a crucial part of keeping your patient’s safe. Part of HIPPA requires medical records be destroyed thoroughly, following standard methods and procedure
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Sustainable and Secure Document Destruction

Developing a secure plan for handling document destruction and remaining compliant is vital to any organization handling sensitive documents. Work alongside a  company that can boost Sustainable and Secure Document Destruction. Sustainable and Secure Document Destruction With many peo
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