How To Set Up A Commercial Paper Shredding System For Your Alaska Business

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Every business has sensitive information. Period.

Client information. Vendor information. Employee information and more.
 There is definitely something that you don’t want the wrong people to see, and likely many things.
In-house shredding programs are great, but these can sometimes fall short of needs and expectations. In the present economy, many companies are understaffed and most staff members are over-worked.

Furthermore, company real estate is often at a premium. There may just be no easy place to store documents until someone finds time to take care of destroying them properly. All that can add up to an in-house shredding system that does not work. Employees may dutifully empty their files, only to find that the boxes of paper destined for shredding are not picked up. Imagine the nightmare of boxes of files containing sensitive or confidential information sitting in piles on the floor waiting days or weeks at a time for in-house shredding, taking up valuable space while also posing a workplace and compliance hazard in the meantime!

Step 1: Understand the Basics of Commercial Paper Shredding Service

Contracting to have documents destined for shredding securely placed in locked containers, and destroyed onsite will save you money and your employees time while giving your business and your clients a valuable level of security they otherwise would not have. Let the experts at Shred Alaska look after the details for you in a few simple steps.

Alaska Commercial Paper Shredding

Step 2: Give Us a Call ☺

You know your business well, but when we work every day in our own business we tend to overlook certain details. It can help to get outside input. Ask colleagues in your industry what they have done for their shredding programs. Ask customers, others in your network as well as vendors and partners. They’ll help to make sure you’re not overlooking anything, as well as recommending a trusted vendor that they use to handle their sensitive materials destruction.

Step 3: A Professional & Easy Commercial Paper Shredding Needs Assessment

The following is what we would typically go through in a visit, in order to prepare a proposal for a customer interested in a regular recurring shredding solution.

Needs Assessment

  1. What is your current solution for office records or sensitive materials destruction (another vendor, in house shredders, strictly recycling, or landfill)
  2. How many people (paper producers) work in your office on a regular basis?
  3. Roughly how many square feet is the footprint of your main office, and do you have any satellite or separate office locations to consider in this evaluation?
  4. For each location, how much paper is typically produced during the course of one week, equated to “how many file or copy paper boxes” would be filled.


Basic Business Info

  1. Company Name, Address, POC, Contact info
  2. Specific Access requirements, security, parking, air handling and noise concerns
  3. Type of Service Preferred
    1. Sensitive Materials only?
    2. Separate Recycling Program?
    3. “Shred All” set up (preferred, all office paper)?
    4. Retention Policies in place?
    5. Frequency needs?
    6. Other Materials Destruction Needs?  (Hard Drives, Digital Media, Backup or LT Tapes, CD’s, or other devices)
  4. Prospective Budget (assists in evaluating container counts, frequency, etc. against route stops, costs, and convenience vs. capacity)


Step 4: We Will Customize a Service Proposal for Your Business!

At this point, we then write up a detailed service proposal, and draft service agreement to re-deliver to the customer in person, or via email depending on the situation.  This is an ideal situation which often for small accounts can be done over the phone for 1-3 container locations.  More than that and a site visit is the best, by far, and gives us a chance to make sure we really get their needs right.

Your employees are inventive – and so is the team at Shred Alaska, Inc. Together, they will find ways to improve your document destruction process. If either side sees that something about your shredding needs has changed, they will reach out to you to make that happen. The team would then inform you of the changes needed, while at the same time assisting in keeping you fully in compliance. For example, if a new accounting regulation comes out, the accounting team will take note and request the change to the shredding process as needed which can be immediately implemented by your shredding vendor.


You’ve already setup a few other third party vendor processes to streamline your business in the past. It’s part of what makes you efficient, successful and different from others in your industry. You can take that same idea and create a paper shredding process which will help your business be more secure, efficient, and eco-friendly, while also ensuring compliance with all legislative requirements.

Do you have questions about setting up a third party paper shredding solution? Read what some of our current clients are saying about Shred Alaska and then call us to discover how we can partner with you! Allow the professionals at Shred Alaska, Inc. today to learn how we can help set a system up for your office.

Establishing a shred and recycling program for your business is easy when utilizing a company like Shred Alaska. Receive a free certified business evaluation Today.

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