Companies That Have Been Impacted By Security Breaches

Companies That Have Been Impacted By Security Breaches

More often than not, when a company is impacted by a security breach, it’s really the company’s customers or employees that are impacted.

Any company that ends up with a customer’s personal or financial information is putting itself at risk to be a target for hackers.

In the last few years, there have been numerous cases of highly publicized data breaches of larger national companies.   

The information you choose to give to companies, while sometimes necessary, needs to be carefully considered.

Large corporations are also equally large targets for hackers that want massive amounts of information quickly.

Most of these companies have a huge amount of infrastructure involved in their information technology systems and finding new malware or hacked locations can take time.  Forensic analysis often takes enough time that hackers can often get in and out largely undetected, leaving us to simply pick up the pieces.

The below are examples of companies that have been impacted by security breaches that can be lessons to other companies on what to look out for when thinking about your own potential security issues.


Many people frequent Target since it is a nationwide chain that carries a wide range of items.

In 2013, Target announced that hackers had gotten into their point of sale (POS) system and stolen personal and financial data for more than 100 million of their customers.

Current news report estimate the breach to have cost the company more than $140 million since it began in December of 2013.

Home Depot

The Home Depot released memos that hackers had used third party vendor information to access their customer account information.

Essentially, hackers had used information to get into their system and upload malware so that data could be collected at their self-check-out stations.

They report that only email addresses were taken but this security breach means millions in further security and detection expenses.  If such a breach was able to happen once, what is stopping it from happening again?  

Customers are rightfully worried about this and many other personal security issues. Read about how to assure your customers that their transactions are safe.


Sony is an example of how your employees can impact your business from the inside.

There are many things that Sony’s data breach showed us, and that we should remember because of it.

While you, personally, may care greatly about your online security, your employer may not be quite as aware.

Sony’s information hack showed us that corporate email should be treated as public information – there’s no telling who may end up being able to read them at some point down the line.

This particular hack shows that human resources information needs to be treated as critically important and private in both paper and electronic form, no matter the size of your company.


Security breaches happen all the time, not only with financial and personal information but also various types of media such as photographs and videos. Without a premier document destruction service in place it may be difficult to protect some of these exposures.

Celebrities report security breaches all the time in situations where photos or videos are stolen from cloud based storage solutions and are sold or distributed across the web and other media.

It has been reported that 26 celebrities were affected by the iCloud hack that occurred in late 2014.

Celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and Kirsten Dunst have spoken out about the information breaches that impacted their personal lives and their careers.

All of these are examples of companies that may have thought they were well protected but were shown very quickly that hackers that want your information are going to do anything they can do to get it. 

These breaches cost the affected companies millions of dollars in media and public relations to inform affected customers, new IT security and monitoring measures to bridge the gap, and to ensure everything possible has been done to prevent it from happening to them again.

Taking precautions personally as well as professionally will help keep your information, and images, safe. Ensuring that your hard drive and sensitive documents are destroyed by a company with an A+ better business bureau Alaska rating is a huge step in the right direction.

Contact us today to see how we can help keep your information secure.

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