Do Paper Shredders Do A Good Enough Job?

Paper Shredders

When it comes to information security, “good enough” might not really be good enough. If you’re able to piece a document back together from a paper shredder, it’s not really doing its job.

Shredder Types and Uses

There are many different types of paper shredders available for home or office use and most of them do a sufficient job. There are shredders that make even rectangular paper bits, those that make thin strips, and cross-cut shredders that make confetti pieces that are very small and secure.Generally, the bigger and more regular the pieces are when disposed of together, the easier the materials would be to reconstruct. More common are particle shredders that make fairly regular sized, rectangular pieces. These are harder to reassemble but not impossible. Cross-cut shredders work with a double cut system, with cutters that destroy the paper into tiny pieces and produce a very reliable shredded product. Cross cut shredders tend to work well, but you do have to be mindful of paperclips, staples, and overall capacity as they are designed for lower volume and infrequent usage. This might be fine for home use, as an infrequent solution – but for business and higher volume use, a paper shredding solution is a better choice.

What to do once destroyed?

After using an in home or office paper shredder, most people collect the full bag and dump it in the garbage with the rest of their trash. As you’ve likely noticed, garbage isn’t very secure. Nearly anyone can go through it and potentially steal the documents you’ve shredded and disposed of. Onsite document shredding companies take your documents, shred them, and then recycle them by utilizing a vetted, third party recyclers where the “chain of custody” is never broken.

In the processes used in commercial paper recycling, all the ink used to print that important and sensitive information usually disintegrates or is bleached and becomes completely illegible. While home paper shredders might do a thorough enough job for some applications – truly secure document destruction can more easily be found by using a professional document destruction service.

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