Do You Recognize These 3 Small Business Identify Theft Scams?


Your small business may be at risk for identity theft scams.Scammers have found the need to get crafty since many Americans are now aware of their scams- requesting bank details for a Nigerian Prince to fork over millions just isn’t going to cut it anymore. Are you and your employees aware of these small business identity theft scams?

Invoice Over-Payment

One of the ways potential scammers get information from you, either from your business or personal information, is with simple invoice overpayment.A new customer pays too much on an invoice- maybe as simple as transposing some numbers- and they need a wire transfer to get the funds back.They can now track your bank information and use other hacking techniques to get much more information about your business and financials.

Data Collection

Cold phone calls to the office may result in personal information being shared with scammers.
If an unknowing receptionist doesn’t know better, giving away some information over the phone could allow a thief to steal the identity of you or one of your company officers. Coach receptionists to never give our personal information over the phone- always take a message with a full name and call back number. It’s unlikely the number given will be real.

Patient Data Information

The biggest security risk for identity information isn’t something you can control.If you run a healthcare facility, you handle people’s personal information on a daily basis.Ensuring you are following laws and guidelines and being very careful with their information to avoid identity theft is your responsibility as a small business owner. At Shred Alaska Inc. we can help keep personal and financial information safe with paper shredding services as well as hard drive destruction in our secure facility.

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