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3 Forms of Media Destruction that Companies Need

media destruction

Technology has long been evolving and changing to meet the needs of businesses and consumers. In doing so, the platforms that information can be saved on have multiplied and this has made media destruction more complex. To keep your company and personal information safe, keep these forms of media destruction in mind.

media destruction

Smart Phones

Cell phone and smart phone technology is one of the fastest growing technology markets.Every time you turn around, the new phone you just got is nearly obsolete and there is a brand new model ready to use.Transferring data isn’t a problem but once that’s done, you are left with the old smart phone that still contains your personal information as well as company trade secrets and intellectual property, likely all stored in emails.These phones must be destroyed properly, or at least the portions of them that hold your information must be wiped completely.

Hard Drives

Your computer hard drive holds a ton of information about you and your business. Complete destruction on a hard drive is the safest way to not only properly destroy the information on the drives but also responsibly recycle the materials that may otherwise pose a hazard if simply thrown away. Shred Alaska offers convenient hard drive destruction at our retail shredding services location.

Compact Discs

CD’s are still often used to store information including videos and photos of work done, and they are a good way to portably get information to and from clients if sending them electronically isn’t an option. While these are the easiest to destroy- there are many ideas on WikiHow- you will still want to dispose of the pieces properly to ensure proprietary photos, videos, and files are not recoverable.

Shred Alaska Can Help

Please contact us at Shred Alaska, Inc. to discuss the best options for safely and completely destroying information on any form of media to keep your business and personal information private.

Shred Alaska is here to provide you with a free business evaluation to begin your shred all policy. With executive leadership and employee buy-in, we can partner with you to ensure your 2016 business year is one step closer to your financial goals.

Identity Theft; The Real Business Risks. Concerned about identity theft ? Shred Alaska is Alaska’s premier document destruction service with NAID AAA Certification.

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Recycle and Energy Stats YTD 2015

Recycle and Energy Stats

If you follow the Shred Alaska Recycle and Energy Stats for 2015 you noticed that we update our stats on a monthly basis. We were the first document destruction service to provide this information and wanted to show a transparent view of what our operations life cycle actually is. We’ve also have detailed info-graphics as to where the process of recycling occurs at the end of this process. Whether it’s commercial paper shredding, retail shredding, or hard drive destruction.

We determine our energy stats by using the formulas provided by the University of Southern Indiana for paper recycling facts.

All destroyed documents are recycled at the Anchorage Recycling Center, located at 6161 Rosewood St. in Anchorage, near the intersection of Dowling Road and the New Seward Highway. Questions about recycling procedures can be directed to them at (907) 562-2267.

Other recycling services are offered in Alaska, and we suggest you visit the Alaskans for Litter Prevention and Recycling (ALPAR) website for more information.

Do You Want to Partner with Shred Alaska to Recycle Your Sensitive Documents?

If you are a business or individual consumer, and want to contribute to lowering your carbon footprint contact Shred Alaska today to set up an initial consultation for services or stop in at our retail location. Check out our A+ Better Business Bureau Alaska rating,our recycling stats! Shred Alaska is a premier document destruction service that is NAID certified.

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Shred Alaska Hard Drive Destruction Process

hard drive destruction process

Understanding the Hard Drive Destruction Process

Most people understand the importance of shredding their paper documents, but some don’t understand the importance of shredding their hard drives. Since hundreds of sensitive files can remain on digital files even after they have been long “deleted” from a computer, hard drive destruction is imperative. Even reformatting or overwriting their computer may not be enough to prevent confidential information from getting into the wrong hands.

Here’s a quick hard-drive destruction process infographic to describe the Shred Alaska process for you.
hard drive destruction process

Also take a look at our hard drive destruction process video to watch the process live.

Do You Need Alaska Hard Drive Destruction?

If you are a business or individual that has hard drives laying around, bring them by Shred Alaska and allow us to destroy them on your behalf. Check out our A+ Better Business Bureau Alaska rating, and our recycling stats! Shred Alaska is a premier document destruction service that is the 1st NAID certified provider in the state of Alaska.

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Credit Union 1 Shredding & Energy Stats

credit union 1 shredding

Credit Union 1 Shredding

Credit Union 1 Shredding & Energy Stats

Shred Alaska is pleased to recognize our Dec 2015 Shred Alaska Commercial Paper Shredding Client of the Month. We partner with like minded financial industry businesses that understand the importance of doing business in Alaska as well as protecting our community. Credit Union 1 is constantly engaging in community focused events such as their Holiday Donation Special, One for All Alaska Fund, as well as community financial classes that teach about budgeting, credit and more!


Cu1 Core Value Statement

Our group is large and diverse, yet we all practice under the same core values. With these core values we aim to not just serve as a financial institution, but also initiate a movement of selflessness, giving back to our members and the community whether it be teaching, fundraising, donating, building or more. We appreciate the beauty in life’s little moments and put forth our sincerest efforts to be an integral, responsible and ethical source of support for our members and the community. (source:


credit union 1 shredding

It is a great pleasure of Shred Alaska’s to spotlight local Alaskan businesses that continue to do exceptional work in their fields. It is also an honor for us to partner with clients such as CU1 in order to keep Alaska recycling at our top priority. Without amazing clients as these, Shred Alaska wouldn’t be at a rolling total of 428,462 trees saved and counting. #welovealaska and our clients do too!

Shred Alaska financial industry clients, such as Credit Union 1, are utilizing our convenient customer portal online access to manage their commercial shredding accounts. This online access allows our clients to easily make payments, request service, check their service schedule, and most other services completely and securely. Shred Alaska understands the importance of being easy to work with and we provide NAID AAA certified document destruction professionals to handle our sensitive documents. If you have not had a Shred All Policy free business evaluation for your financial service organization please do so today! The knowledgeable staff at Shred Alaska can answer any questions you may have.

Do You Need Alaska Commercial Paper Shredding?

If you are a financial service provider, such as CU1, and need shred bins for your office contact Shred Alaska today to set up an initial consultation for services. Check out our A+ Better Business Bureau Alaska rating,our recycling stats! Shred Alaska is a premier document destruction service that is NAID certified.

Read more about our awesome client Credit Union 1 by visiting their site at

Shred All Policy

Having a Shred all policy in place for your business is vital and Shred Alaska can help set it up for you. Human error accounts for 30% of data breaches in the business sector. This large percentage requires that documents should have a trail policy of how to handle their life cycle from creation to destruction. Confidential material are the primary source of security breaches in small business.

Shred All Policy

Creating a business environment that includes a “shred all policy” within your organization will ensure that all sensitive documents and electronic devices are destroyed, within the process, on a regular basis.

Benefits of having a Shred All Policy in Place

    1. Removes Human Error of Confidential Document Handling
    2. Unifies the Process of Document Disposal Throughout the Organization
    3. Keeps Your Organization Compliant with Privacy Laws
    4. Keeps Trade Secrets from the Wrong Hands
    5. Reduces Information Breaches
    6. Garners Trust from Your Customer Base


Shred Alaska is here to provide you with a free business evaluation to begin your shred all policy. With executive leadership and employee buy-in, we can partner with you to ensure your 2016 business year is one step closer to your financial goals.

Do you have questions about business information protection or developing a written destruction policy for your business? Reach out to us and we’ll be glad to help!

Identity Theft; The Real Business Risks. Concerned about identity theft ? Shred Alaska is Alaska’s premier document destruction service with NAID AAA Certification.

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4 tips to Combat Holiday Season Identity Theft

4 tips to Combat Holiday Season Identity Theft

As holiday shopping is now fully underway, a few quick reminders on protecting yourself against holiday season identity theft in this 2015 season.

Holiday Season Identity Theft

Shred Your New, Unused, or Expired Credit Offers

With the new holiday season comes an influx of new credit card offers. This means you need to be more diligent about keeping your credit card offers destroyed properly. Shredding these offers that contain your personal information, such as name and address may be all a thief needs to open accounts without your knowledge. Even though more sensitive information such as, full account numbers or social security numbers are generally not on these forms, they still need to be destroyed by a company that has NAID Certification Program in place.

Buying a New Computer? Shred Your Old Hard Drive

We are aware that used hard drives contain anything from bank account, social security numbers, email messages, along with plenty of other personal information. So before you donate or recycle your old computer for the newer one you may be gifted this season, remove and destroy the old hard drive. Deleting or restoring a hard drive back to factory settings is not be enough. Using state-of-the-art hard drive destruction shredders can reduce your drives to shredded scrap metal in a matter of seconds, making information retrieval from them absolutely impossible.

Review Your Bank Statements

We aren’t just advocating for you to destroying everything (although we do like shredding things). There are some things that need your attention and this includes bank statements. Whether receiving them electronically or through snail mail, make sure to look for any suspicious activity on your statements. You do have a certain level of responsibility to your bank and to yourself to exercise reasonable swiftness in looking for forged or suspicious activity. Dependent upon your bank, once the window of 30 days has passed, you may lose the opportunity to place a claim. Educate yourself about what is and isn’t covered under FDIC.

Consolidate Your Shredded Material & Bring them to Shred Alaska

Determine your retail (walk-in) shredding drop off schedule based on your needs. Create a monthly or quarterly reminder in your phone for drop off. Retail (Walk-In) Shredding is easy and convenient. With hours to serve our retail customers that are convenient. We will shred your hard drives or paper documents while you wait. Want to understand How Retail Shredding Works? or What Can I Shred?.

Being thoughtful is the name of the game this season.  It’s easy to get into the hustle and bustle of the season but with these few tips you can increase your chances of having a joyous season with friends and family. Do you have questions or comments about identity theft during the 2015 holiday season?

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Thanksgiving 2015 a Day for Family & Friends


thanksgivingThanksgiving & Black Friday Closure 2015

We will be spending time with our family & friends on Thanksgiving Day! Therefore, Shred Alaska retail (walk-in shredding) & our on-site services will be closed on Thursday (26th) and Friday (27th) and will return to regular services on Monday November 30th. If you have any questions please contact us prior to Thursday, or we will get back with you on Monday. We hope all of our customers and friends enjoy this time with family and friends. All of us at Shred Alaska are thankful for the work you allow us to do for you on a yearly basis!


Free Shredding for Veterans on Nov 11th 2015

Free Shredding for Veterans


Shred Alaska would like to thank our Vets! Please share our Free Shredding for Veterans (active and retired). We are offering up to 200lbs of paper destruction for FREE all day November 11,2015.  Retail (walk-in) destruction open 1pm-6pm at 801 East 82nd Ave ‪#‎B1‬. Call if you have any questions 907.929.1154.

what: Free Shredding for Veterans up to 200lbs of shredding material

where: 801 East 82nd Ave #B1 Anchorage, Alaska

when: Wednesday November 11,2015 from 1pm – 6pm

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