State Farm Free Shred Event – June 4,2016

State Farm Free Shred Event

State Farm Free Shred Event


JUNE 4,2016 FROM 2PM-5PM @ 5431 E. MAYFLOWER LN #5 WASILLA, AK 99564

The Allie Hewitt State Farm Agency would like to show their customer appreciation by hosting a FREE SHRED EVENT! Please feel free to share our FREE SHRED EVENT with family and friends. You can receive up to 200lbs of paper destruction for FREE from 2pm-5pm!

Location: Allie Hewitt State Farm Agency 5431 E. Mayflower Lane #5 Wasill, Alaska 99654
Date: June 4, 2016
Time: 2:00pm to 5:00pm
Questions? Contact: Julie 907-357-0727 or

Bring up to 200lbs per person, for free shredding services provided by Shred Alaska

Shred Alaska is a premier document destruction service located in Anchorage Alaska. They offer premium document destruction services for commercial paper shreddingwalk-in (retail) shredding, hard drive destruction as well as one-time file purge services. Shred Alaska provides secure document destruction of all of you sensitive documents.

Shred Alaska contributes to Alaska recycling efforts by recycling all of the shredded material that is deemed appropriate for recycle. Shred Alaska is your number one resource when searching for places to shred paper in Anchorage Alaska!

Not sure what you can shred or will it shred? Check out what you can shred for more information. Need a place to shred paper? Just stop in during our convenient walk-in destruction service for our easy retail drop in location. We will shred your materials as you watch, or take a shred bag home and fill it up for an even more convenient shredding option.

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Bering Straits Native Corporation May 2016 Client of the Month


Bering Straits Native Corporation

Proud to announce that Bering Straits Native Corporation is the Shred Alaska Client of the month for May, 2016!

Formed in 1972, Bering Straits Native Corporation (BSNC) provides real estate management, development, tourism, construction, mining services and sales of rock and aggregate. A corporation rich in Alaskan values with a mission that is truly focused on the quality of life of their shareholders.

BSNC is steadfastly linked to and invested in, providing economic development in the people and regions encompassing the majority of Alaska’s Seward Peninsula and the coastal lands of eastern Norton Sound. BSNC also provides services in government contract work under SBA 8(a), HubZone and small business programs. Anchorage operations include construction, support services and shareholder services.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of our people through economic development while protecting our land and preserving our culture and heritage.

Check Out Their Awesome Energy Stats!

Loving, living and owning Alaska shows in BSNC desire to work with a company like Shred Alaska in order to aid in recycling efforts in our great state. Check out their contributions for the following year along with trees saved and energy stats!

Bering Straits Native Corporation Recycle Stats May2016


A special thanks to this amazing Alaskan organization for allowing Shred Alaska, Inc. to work side by side to ensure that we are honoring the legacy of Alaska, our history, our businesses, and our environment.Bering-Straits-Native-Corporation

Does Your Corporation Need Alaska Commercial Paper Shredding?

If you are an Alaskan organization, such as Bering Straits Native Corporation and need shred bins for your office contact Shred Alaska today to set up an initial consultation for services. Check out our A+ Better Business Bureau Alaska rating,our recycling stats! Shred Alaska is a premier document destruction service that is NAID certified.

Shred Alaska also offers one-time purge services for organizations storing boxes and files that need to be destroyed. We offer an easy and effective way to purge unwanted files. Our document destruction services, protects your shareholders from any security exposures in a regulated and efficient manner. Contact us today for an on-site quote.

Come partner with Shred Alaska and Read more about this amazing client, Bering Straits Native Corporation, by visiting their site at or like their page on facebook!

Graduating High School Seniors and Teen Identity Theft


As we are all enjoying the graduation season, sharing our fondest memories of our graduates with friends and family, keep aware of the vulnerabilities of teen identity theft. Unfortunately this is a prime time for high school seniors to become targets for identity thieves.

Through education, knowledge, and practical application, you can teach your teen to be more diligent about protecting themselves. Shred Alaska offers some ideas on how to protect your recent graduate before they head off to college or into the workforce.

Don’t Overshare on the Web

Generation Z have been inundated with social media and web presences since they were born. The most significant aspect of this generation is its widespread usage of the internet and social media. Therefore sharing online seems second nature, and another language all together.

Make sure teens are informed not to reveal full addresses or phone numbers online. With how interconnected the web is, it’s very easy for identity thieves to collect additional data online just based on that information to start.

Check Your Credit

As a parent, you can lead by example by checking your teens credit together on a regular basis. Granted, they most likely have little to no credit whatsoever, but that makes them prime targets for thieves looking to capitalize on a clean slate credit report.

Utilizing online companies like Credit Karma will allow your teen to review the information as well as learn how to navigate through their credit report. As a parent, you can offer suggestions on what warning signs to look for.

Shred Credit Card Offers

As soon as your teen turns 18 (if they haven’t already), credit card offers will be swarming in. It’s very tempting for a struggling college student, or new to the workforce teen to get as many credit cards as possible.

Discuss with your your teen the importance of making a habit of shredding ALL credit card offers that they won’t apply. Utilize Shred Alaska’s walk-in retail shredding service and grab a FREE Shred Bag to collect all items to be destroyed.

Keep Your Bank Info Private

In the busy season after graduation, teens are in a hustle to “get started” with the next stages in their lives. It’s exciting but as they are meeting new people, and involved in new experiences with their new found freedom, they may tend to have their guard down.

Make sure to discuss the importance of keeping all banking info, atm/debit card pin numbers, or online banking passwords private. Even sharing this information with friends could be harmful.

In Conclusion

No suggestions can serve as a guarantee that your teen graduate won’t face identity theft fraud. However, adopting good, secure habits in this stage of their lives could lead to avoiding becoming a target in the future.

Shred Alaska is here to provide both on-site shredding services, walk-in retail shredding, and fully monitored hard drive destruction. Shred Alaska is here to partner with you to ensure your 2016 year is secure and safe.

Identity Theft; The Real Business Risks. Concerned about identity theft ? Shred Alaska is Alaska’s premier document destruction service with NAID AAA Certification.

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Our Shred Alaska Brand

shred alaska brand

The Shred Alaska Brand, is a story of Alaskan diligence, perseverance, and success. Following over a decade of services, our “shred bear” has become a familiar, endearing face in the community. Besides our trucks and annual events, which are popular with the community, our social media channels are abuzz with activity.

shred alaska brand

Growing Our Brand

We are committed to improving the Shred Alaska brand by providing indispensable services to clients throughout Alaska and beyond. Our approach is strategic with an emphasis on value and customer experience—regardless of whether our clients prefer the old-school, paper-based style of documentation or modern electronic record-keeping techniques, we have a solution for everyone! It is our earnest endeavor to become the go-to document shredding and hard drive destruction service provider by focusing on people, processes, and infrastructure. With over a decade of experience, our team understands the needs of individuals, professionals, and businesses, which enables us to delight customers with even the most sophisticated demands.

Our processes have evolved to ease bottlenecks in the chain of activities. Our infrastructure is designed for the most challenging requirements—including on-site shredding, (walk-in) shredding, one-time file purge service, and hard-drive destruction demands for services.

In less than two decades of operations, we have become the leading service provider in Alaska, and we are committed to keeping the momentum going. Shred Alaska was the first NAID certified shredding company in the entire state of Alaska. When a business like Shred Alaska leads the Alaska market by providing accountable transparency in their service, that’s the kind of business you can trust with the destruction of your sensitive documents and hard drives. Read up on what it means to be NAID AAA Certified here.

Our business is ready to meet the challenges of Alaska’s growing economy, which is powered by a favorable business climate, innovation in technology, and investments in the region. Besides being the proud recipients of the Alaskans for Litter Prevention and Recycling Award for 2014, the media has recognized our efforts with stories about our practices including environmental stewardship.

In Conclusion

Shred Alaska is here to provide both on-site shredding services, walk-in retail shredding, and fully monitored hard drive destruction. Shred Alaska is here to partner with you to ensure your 2016 year is secure and safe.

Identity Theft; The Real Business Risks. Concerned about identity theft ? Shred Alaska is Alaska’s premier document destruction service with NAID AAA Certification.

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Trailercraft – Freightliner of Alaska Shredding | April 2016 Client of the Month


Trailercraft/Freightliner of Alaska is Shred Alaska, Inc’s Customer AND Vendor of the month for March, 2016!

Since 1969, Trailercraft / Freightliner of Alaska has been “Pulling Hard for Alaska” in more ways than one. By their commitment to Alaska, and partnering with Shred Alaska, they are providing their customers with a level of security that is second to none. They believe in service and it shows in their business operations.


TrailerCraft – Freightliner of Alaska

It’s really very simple. Your truck is your life. It’s your livelihood, your future, and your freedom. Every minute it’s down costs you money. It keeps you from earning a living, keeps you from your family and your personal free time. That’s why TrailerCraft / Freightliner of Alaska places such a large emphasis on service. We’ve invested a tremendous amount of money to build what we think is the best stocked and largest inventory in Alaska.

Check Out Their Awesome Energy Stats!

Minimizing their carbon footprint is one of the added benefits that partners like, Frieghtliner get to enjoy by working with Shred Alaska. Check out their contributions for the following year alone with trees saved and energy stats!



Freightliner Location & Hours

Trailercraft/Freightliner has just moved into a beautiful, new facility located at 222 W. 92nd Avenue Anchorage, AK 99515. They specialize in heavy duty/diesel service and repair, parts, and many other specialty lines like Sprinter buses for various commercial uses, campers, trailers, trailer hitches and towing supplies as well as snow plows, plowing equipment, etc.

Their service department is near ALWAYS open, operating from 8 am till MIDNIGHT M-Friday, which helps to eliminate downtime and to get you back on the road, where you can do your job! They also have two locations to serve you in Anchorage and Fairbanks!

Trailercraft - Freightliner of Alaska Shredding

A special thanks to the entire crew at freightliner for keeping Shred Alaska, Inc. running, and for being a reliable, customer and environmental steward at the same time!

Do You Need Alaska Commercial Paper Shredding?

If you are heavy duty industrial provider, such as Trailercraft – Freightliner of Alaska and need shred bins for your warehouse contact Shred Alaska today to set up an initial consultation for services. Check out our A+ Better Business Bureau Alaska rating,our recycling stats! Shred Alaska is a premier document destruction service that is NAID certified.

Come partner with Shred Alaska and Read more about our amazing client and friends over at Trailercraft – Freightliner of Alaska, by visiting their site at or like their page on facebook!

Shred Alaska Corporate Responsibility

Shred Alaska Corporate Responsibility

We talk a lot about what we do, and definitely spotlight about our shredding clients, but here’s a little insight into who Shred Alaska truly is.

Shred Alaska Corporate Responsibility

Shred Alaska Corporate Responsibility gives us the opportunity to incorporate what matters to us as Alaskans, and connect that with our business model and our clients.

Monthly Recycling Stats

We know that without our clients that we would not be able to pull off the massive recycling efforts that we do on a monthly and yearly basis. We look forward to becoming your source for premium document destruction, as well as keeping Alaska even more beautiful. Shred Alaska provides more than Alaska Recycling Statistics, Check out our brand new monthly info-graphic  stats on other ways our clients are helping us save Alaska’s beauty.

All destroyed documents are recycled at the Anchorage Recycling Center, located at 6161 Rosewood St. in Anchorage, near the intersection of Dowling Road and the New Seward Highway. Questions about recycling procedures can be directed to them at (907) 562-2267.

Other recycling services are offered in Alaska, and we suggest you visit the Alaskans for Litter Prevention and Recycling (ALPAR) website for more information.

Community Free Shred Events

We participate in “Secure Your ID” days in partnership with the Better Business Bureau each April and October in south-central Alaska and donate 100% of our services to provide a free method of secure destruction of sensitive materials to the residents and small businesses in our area.

Consumer Education

Technology continues to evolve and drive changes in business processes. Today, electronic record keeping techniques outpace, and in many cases replace, paper-based techniques, for instance.

Social media is emerging as a valuable medium for engaging the audience. As part of our corporate social responsibility, we conduct consumer education programs to empower patrons with knowledge of modern practices. Consumers can not only learn about new developments in record keeping techniques but also become aware of the implications of the developments in their activities. These include legal requirements and environmental stewardship practices. Patrons are also welcome to participate in our annual events, in April and October, when we offer our services for no-obligation. Our team is happy to engage patrons on social media with relevant content as well as communicate directly and respond to queries or comments.

The Shred Alaska Blog has consistent content that is targeted for our business and retail consumers. It provides ongoing content that is relevant to our core business including topics such as “4 Tips to Prevent Identity Theft”, “Shred Alaska Hard Drive Destruction Process”, and
“Identity Theft: the Real Business Risks”.

Finally, we offer a Shred News monthly newsletter to keep our clients up to date about events, news, and how our business and partner businesses are helping to save trees and improving the carbon footprint of Alaska.

Do You Need Alaska Commercial Paper Shredding or Hard Drive Destruction?

If you are a business in any of these areas and need shred bins for your office contact Shred Alaska today to set up an free initial business consultation for services. Check out our A+ Better Business Bureau Alaska rating,our recycling stats! Shred Alaska is a premier document destruction service that is NAID certified.

Huffman Family Dentistry Shredding & Energy Stats


Huffman Family Dentistry Shredding & Energy StatsShred Alaska recognizing our March 2016 Shred Alaska Commercial Paper Shredding Client of the Month. We have clients that continue to partner with Shred Alaska to protect not only their customers sensitive information, but to save trees and reduce their carbon footprints! Huffman Family Dentistry is a high-quality provider of dental services in South Anchorage. Huffman Family Dentistry offers routine dental care, or complete smile makeovers.  A comprehensive list of services provided are:

  •       Comprehensive Exams
  •       Periodontal Screenings and Therapy
  •       Oral Cancer Screenings
  •       Preventive Dentistry
  •       Smile Whitening
  •       Dental Veneers
  •       Smile Makeovers and Full Mouth Restoration
  •       Dental Implants
  •       Family Dentistry
  •       Restorative Services like fillings and crowns
  •       Sedation Dentistry

Huffman Family Dentistry Quality Care

With over 35 years of combined experience in dental medicine, Drs. Darrell J. Peterson and Jonathan S. Weaver have built the area’s premier dental office. You can feel confident that state-of-the-art equipment combined with patient care techniques will ensure high quality and safety. Our goal is to help patients have healthier smiles, fewer dental needs, and benefit from a smile that they can be proud of.

Shred Alaska wants to ensure that the public knows the Alaska company’s that are partnering with us and that are continuing to put in the effort of protecting their clients as well as our environment. Huffman Family Dentistry is a committed provider that offers your entire family the best dental care possible.


Huffman Family Dentistry are single-handedly responsible for a substantial “trees saved’ count as well as impressive “energy stats”. As of February 2016, Shred Alaska has a rolling total of 435,955 trees saved and counting #welovealaska and our clients do too! Take a look at the Huffman Family Dentistry Trees Saved and Energy Stats Account (as of February 2016).huffman-family-dentistry-march-2016-energy-stats

Shred Alaska partners, such as Huffman Family Dentistry are utilizing our convenient customer portal online access to manage their commercial shredding account. This online access allows our clients to easily make payments, request on-site shredding service, check their service schedule, and most other services completely and securely. Shred Alaska understands the importance of being easy to work with and we provide NAID AAA certified document destruction professionals to handle our sensitive documents. If you have not had a Shred All Policy free business evaluation for your financial service organization please do so today! The knowledgeable staff at Shred Alaska can answer any questions you may have.

Do You Need Alaska Commercial Paper Shredding?

If you are a health care or dental service provider, such as Huffman Family Dentistry and need shred bins for your office contact Shred Alaska today to set up an initial consultation for services. Check out our A+ Better Business Bureau Alaska rating,our recycling stats! Shred Alaska is a premier document destruction service that is NAID certified.

Read more about our amazing client Huffman Family Dentistry by visiting their site at

4 Steps to Prevent Identify Theft

Prevent Identity Theft

Many people understand the importance to prevent identity theft. However, some don’t realize that most of this starts with junk mail. Implementing these 3 simple steps can help protect against the theft of your identity.

Prevent Identity Theft

Step 1: Opt-Out

Opting out of receiving junk mail is vitally important to protecting yourself against identity theft. The biggest junk mail targets are credit cards and insurance offers. However, U.S. consumers can opt out of receiving these applications in the mail by simply calling 888-5-OPTOUT or Signing up with the Do Not Call Registry.

You can also utilize to Opt-Out of written credit card and Insurance offers. is a collective of the Consumer Credit Reporting Companies (Experian, Equifax, Innovis, and TransUnion).

Step 2: Shred Before You Throw Away Junk Mail

Some of us don’t think twice about throwing away junk mail. However, your trash is the #1 perpetrator to assisting criminals in stealing your identity. Any papers that carry your personal information should be securely destroyed prior to tossing them into the trash. This includes any formatted mail with something as simple as your name and address on it.

Gathering all of your junk mail, or personal information into a stored box or bag makes it easy to drop the materials off at Shred Alaska. Shred Alaska offers a convenient Walk-In Destruction Service to our local Anchorage residents. For information on pricing and hours please contact us.

Step 3: Reputation is Everything

To keep your identity safe, only perform transactions with companies that are transparent about how they handle your sensitive information and have a good reputation.No single business is safe, but businesses that care about their customer’s identities will employ steps and other protective measures to prevent identity theft. Even small businesses can employ destruction policies to handle the sensitive information of their transactions.

Step 4: Use a Credit Tracking Service

Not exactly a junk mail issue, but utilizing online monitoring of your credit report can help greatly to prevent identity theft. An online site such as provides free credit scores, reports and monitoring on a monthly basis with easy to signup for notifications. Although you may only utilize this for monitoring, it’s convenient that any time new inquiries, or credit changes occur you are notified immediately.

Shred Alaska is here to provide both on-site shredding services, walk-in retail shredding, and fully monitored hard drive destruction. Shred Alaska is here to partner with you to ensure your 2016 year is secure and safe.

Identity Theft; The Real Business Risks. Concerned about identity theft ? Shred Alaska is Alaska’s premier document destruction service with NAID AAA Certification.

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3 Step Paper Shredding System For Your Alaska Business

paper shredding system

Automate your business paper shredding to protect your business, customers and employees.

Every business has sensitive information. Period. Client information. Vendor information. Employee information and more.
There is definitely something that you don’t want the wrong people to see, and likely many things.

In-house shredding programs are great, but these can sometimes fall short of needs and expectations. In the present economy, many companies are understaffed and most staffs are over-worked.

Furthermore, company real estate may be at a premium. There may just be no easy place to store documents until someone finds time to take care of destroying them. All that can add up to an in-house shredding system that does not work.

Employees may dutifully empty their files, only to find that the boxes of paper destined for shredding is not picked up. Imagine the nightmare of boxes of files containing sensitive or confidential information sitting in piles on the floor waiting days or weeks at a time for in-house shredding, taking up valuable space while also posing a workplace hazard in the meantime!

Contracting to have documents destined for shredding securely placed in locked containers, and destroyed onsite will save you money and your employees time while giving your business and your clients a valuable sense of security they otherwise would not have.

Let the experts at Shred Alaska look after the details for you in a few simple steps.


Step 1: Recurring Destruction Needs Assessment

Perform an internal audit of the kinds of day-to-day documents and information you need to destroy. Create an itemized list. Make an estimate of how much you need to shred, and how often. That will help you create a plan for your employees to follow. In fact, a good idea is to get each employee to summarize the documents that need to be routinely destroyed form their own workstation.
One example is tax documents. After 7 years, most businesses can eliminate tax information. Or, if you have paper files you could eliminate those once electronic copies are made, and after 7 years you can destroy the electronic files. Always consult at attorney prior to developing a records retention policy. Use the results of this frequency assessment to develop a routine, recurring shredding schedule for the day-to-day paperwork in need of proper destruction.

Step 2: “Purge” Materials Assessment

Ask each of your employees to do a brief audit of the document purging needs associated with their job description (or the work they are actually doing). This would include anything not covered in the initial assessment of the daily shredding needs. Typically this is known as your “purge” volume. Management can then get an overall picture of the quantity and kind of information that needs to be securely destroyed on a purge basis, as well as how often, and can schedule accordingly with a trusted vendor annually ahead of time, or when the need arises.

Step 3: Call in the Experts!

You know your business well, but when we work every day in our own business we tend to overlook certain details. It can help to get outside input. Ask colleagues in your industry what they have done for their shredding programs. Ask customers, others in your network as well as vendors and partners. They’ll help to make sure you’re not overlooking anything, as well as recommending a trusted vendor that they use to handle their sensitive materials destruction.

Step 4: A True Business Partner

Any good business system is open for change, but only if change is required or beneficial. Make sure each employee feels responsible for the success of their department’s information and the paper shredding system in place. Your employees are ingenuitive – and so is the team at Shred Alaska, Inc. Together, they will find ways to improve your document destruction process. If either side sees that something about your shredding needs has changed, they will reach out to you to make that happen. The team would then inform you of the changes needed, while at the same time assisting in keeping you fully in compliance. For example, if a new accounting regulation comes out, the accounting team will take note and request the change to the shredding process as needed which can be immediately implemented by your shredding vendor. Shred Alaska can help you to create a “shred all policy” for your business.


You’ve already setup a few other third party vendor processes to streamline your business in the past. It’s part of what makes you efficient, successful and different from others in your industry. You can take that same idea and create a paper shredding process which will help your business be more secure, efficient, and eco-friendly, while also ensuring compliance with all legislative requirements.

Do you have questions about setting up a Paper Shredding System for your Alaska Business?
Contact the professionals at Shred Alaska, Inc. today to learn how we can help set a system up for your office.

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