Josephine’s Dream Scholarship


Here at Shred Alaska, we have the opportunity to be a small part of a bigger community. One beyond our own families and friends. One that stretches beyond the ins and outs of “tipping bins” as we call it, or shredding paper. Every now and then we come across individuals that impact our lives in ways that are unforgettable. Ada, and her daughter Josephine, are two of those people.

Ada has shown unrelenting kindness and care to our Shred Alaska family, over a long period of time. Her smiling face always greeting us on our scheduled shred days at Pediatric Neurology. You see, Ada pours over her cookbooks, monthly, to decide what treat she will bring those days. Just to be a ray of goodness to us….the shred guys. She doesn’t realize the appreciation we feel towards her as she takes the time to think of others before herself. We hope that our gesture here, reminds Ada, just how important it is that Shred Alaska continues to connect, support, and uplift where we can.

In a moment of deep sorrow Ada became a beacon of light and kindness in a world that all too often is void of such gestures. So let us give back to her daughter and her cause by introducing the legacy of Ada’s daughter, Josephine.

Josephine's Dream

June 19th, 2016

It was a beautiful summer solstice weekend in Alaska and throughout the nation.

Summer solstice spoke to Josephine on a spiritual level and so she went out to enjoy the festivities happening in our city. At this point in Josephine’s life her demons had been baiting her almost constantly and Josephine tried to fight them away with alcohol, requiring more and more to get her through each day. As the sun was setting, an inebriated 22 year old fashionista wanted to be closer to the sky to get an unobstructed view of the sun setting. Josephine made her way to the top of a 7 story building, barely able to stand. She climbed her way onto the railing taking in the beautiful sight, her spirit feeling full; the demons at bay for the time being. It was in that moment alcohol and demons pushed Josephine off the railing where her body fell and her spirit rose. Her friends and family will never again be able to hear her laugh, or see her smile as she walked through the door. The hundreds of lives she touched are now missing a vibrant light in their heart. The dreams Josephine had to incorporate her love of helping animals and her love of massage would be unrealized. The world became a little less bright the day alcohol and depression took Josephine’s life.

Please read Josephine’s story here. Or the news story discussing Josephine’s Dream on ADN.

We ask that you please take the time to be a beacon of light on behalf of Ada and Josephine’s Dream. It’s our goal that everyone who supports Shred Alaska, and our “shred family” knows about the opportunity to donate to this amazing family and cause. Alaska can be a difficult place to live and we have to support where and when we can. The small and the large opportunities. Take them, when you see them.

Josephine’s Dream will provide scholarships to worthy students (graduating high school seniors or post-secondary students) pursuing a career in animal care, focusing but not limited to veterinary programs and certificates. The application is open to students from middle-income families, who are not likely to receive financial aid from other sources. The scholarship is open to students from all states, although Alaskan students will be given preference.

To donate to Josephine’s dream, please click the link below. If you wish to make a donation less than $25 or to donate via check or cash, please contact us at:

The Alaska Community Foundation
3201 C Street, Suite 110
Anchorage, AK 99503


Please make checks payable to: “The Alaska Community Foundation” and write “Josephine’s Dream” in the memo.

Security Risks of Paper Document Storage

Paper Document Storage

The need for paper document storage, is not going anywhere anytime soon. Even with the onset of paperless technology options, paper is still widely used. This is the reason it is essential that organizations secure a document through its entire life cycle. Utilizing a few techniques can greatly protect an organizations responsibility to remain compliant.

Paper Document Storage

Document handling come under strict regulations of consumer privacy. Many laws and acts are in place to protect a consumers right to have documents and personal information handled in a protected manner. If businesses fail to comply, hefty fines and legal action may come into play. A number of public document mishandling have been recorded over the past few years:

It’s quite alarming that large organizations such as these are falling into the trap of mishandling paper documents, which is why it’s crucial that as a small business owner you have safety nets, and processes in place. A few ways your organization can avoid this trap are:

Limit Access to Documents

Not every one within your organization is required, nor should have access to confidential information of your customers. Personnel that are required to have access to this information should be monitored at all times. Decide what level of access is required by each employee and develop a secure access plan implemented and maintained on all levels of your company.

Offsite Secure Storage Facility

Storing necessary documents offsite will add an additional layer of protection to the storing of personal data. However, determining what and when these documents are stored offsite will have to be developed with a strategy. The downside of offsite storage is the need and response time for accessing this information.

Leaving stored documents endlessly in a locked storage facility however is also not the answer. Have a scheduled checks and balance to ensure these documents are securely purged once they have exceeded their time of relevance.

Secure Destruction of Unneeded Documents

After the life cycle of paper documents have expired, it’s time to efficiently and securely destroy the document. Take into consideration protocol and legal responsibility involved in how these documents are destroyed. Hiring a NAID AAA Certified organization to destroy your documents, is the safest bet.

Shred Alaska can provide in office, locked and secured “shred bins” for your office. This allows for added security between storage and the moment of shredding. The secure bins provide added protection against any unfavorable individual obtaining these confidential documents. Once the bins are picked up for destruction, they are destroyed on site and do not leave the grounds of your facility intact. There is no opportunity for loss, or damage since the destruction of all materials is handled immediately.

Our shredding and hard drive destruction services are essential to the security of businesses within South Central Alaska. Businesses store a lot of client and customer information in paper files on-site and offsite  and in order to maintain security it is important to ensure that this private information does not fall into the wrong hands. While we offer premium shredding services that are NAID AAA certified, the truth is that offices are filled with paper documents that are vulnerable to being lost or misplaced, being stolen, or being accessed by the wrong people. Make sure to contact Shred Alaska to obtain a Business Evaluation as well as we can help you establish a logical “shred all” policy for your business.


NAID AAA Employee Requirements | Secure Shredding Services

Secure Shredding Services

In today’s world, no-one can be too careful about the destruction and disposal of sensitive information. The sad truth is that it is all too easy for a stranger to rifle through your garbage bins and obtain documents that contain highly personal information, such as bank account numbers, passwords, credit card numbers and other identifying information.


To make matters even more complex, we live in an age where a lot of this sensitive information is also retained on computers. This means that whenever a computer is upgraded, sold, or thrown away, the hard disks that contain the personal information are vulnerable to being stolen. Without proper destruction, the personal information on those hard disks can be retrieved intact in many cases through the use of special software.

Every year in the United States, around 15 million people have their identities stolen. This results in huge financial losses for those people involved and causes fear to spread throughout communities. This is exactly why we recommend that everyone ensure that their most sensitive information is shredded or otherwise destroyed.

We are proud to have been the first document destruction company in Alaska to receive NAID Certification. What this means is that we adhere to all processes and procedures outlined by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) to ensure that our destruction services meet strict information disposal standards.

NAID AAA certification also means that all of our employees have met strict employment screening processes to ensure that they can be trusted to handle your very personal and sensitive information. We don’t employ anyone with a criminal record; all of our staff follow stringent security protocols; personal documents and hard drives are only accessed by authorized personnel at any given time; and all of our employees follow strict chain of custody procedures when handling personal materials.

You Can’t Be Too Careful With Your Personal Information!

Choosing us to destroy your documents or your hard drives means that you can rest easy in the knowledge that we are NAID AAA certified, and that our employees are as careful as possible with your personal information. Choosing us also means that you are at far less risk of identity theft, financial loss, or having any of your personal information stolen.

We take pride in the fact that we not only offer our customers a way to simply walk in to our secure facility and have their documents shredded, but that we also maintain a fleet of trucks that can travel to any location in Southcentral Alaska and shred documents on-site. We think that you’ll be more than happy with the security and shredding services that we offer.

For more information on what we shred and what types of documents you really should have shredded and destroyed, click here

Shred Alaska provides on-site shredding services, walk-in retail shredding, one-time file purge services and fully monitored hard drive destruction. Shred Alaska is here to partner with you to ensure your Data Storage Records Disposal is where it needs to be!

Cook Inlet Housing Authority Client of the Month – September 2016

Cook Inlet Housing Authority

Cook Inlet Housing Authority

Proud to announce Cook Inlet Housing Authority Client of the Month September, 2016!

An exceptional organization that empowers community and people to create the best of what Alaska community has to offer, our neighborhoods! Cook Inlet Housing provides affordable opportunities for individuals and families to secure home ownership or rentals. The cornerstone of their core values are set in compassion, innovation, honesty and accountability. All qualities that support the vision of Shred Alaska and our document destruction services as well.

We are excited to share in an ongoing project spotlighted in recent months in the the ADN. Cook Inlet Housing Authority, broke ground in July on a $10million three-story residential and commercial building. Read the store here.  They are developing this property in a portion of Spenard that has been scattered with derelict buildings for years. We are so excited to see this new 33 one-bedroom apartment building being erected. This property will provide 36th and Spenard with a new “gateway” neighborhood to revive the area.


Their slogan of “Promoting Independence Through Housing” is evident in the work they do. With Alaska Family Rental Properties, Senior Rental Properties, and various Homes For Sale you’re sure to see their contribution to housing all over Anchorage. CIHA also provides great community and volunteer opportunities through their Resident Engagement programs that include computer labs, libraries, daily transport support, and senior lunch programs.


Check a Recent Trees Saved and Energy Saved Project!

Cook Inlet Housing Authority is a superb example of how to live and love Alaska! They also understand the importance of continuing to hold their operations to the highest level of security and accountability. It is for this reason that CIHA has chosen to partner with Shred Alaska and we are grateful for this ongoing partnership. Their commitment to protecting residents sensitive documents and recycling that waste is seen throughout their organization! We appreciate their ongoing commitment to Alaska recycling efforts!

The graphic below represents a large one-time purge service that was needed by CIHA. Shred Alaska hauled it all up, staged it, shredded it, and recycled all materials.  They simply stickered the boxes that were ready with our “to be destroyed” sticker (free) and we handled the rest!  

cook inlet housing authorityA special thanks to this amazing Alaskan non-profit organization for allowing Shred Alaska, Inc. to work side by side to ensure that we are honoring the residents of Alaska, our community and neighborhoods as well as our environment.

Does Your Non-Profit Organization Need Alaska Commercial Paper Shredding?

If you are an Alaskan non-profit organization, such as Cook Inlet Housing Authority and need shred bins for your office, or need a one-time purge service of stored documents, contact Shred Alaska today to set up an initial consultation. Check out our A+ Better Business Bureau Alaska rating,our recycling stats! Shred Alaska is a premier document destruction service that is NAID certified.

Shred Alaska also offers one-time purge services for organizations storing boxes and files that need to be destroyed. We offer an easy and effective way to purge unwanted files. Our document destruction services, protects your patients from any security exposures in a regulated and efficient manner. Contact us today for an on-site quote.

Come partner with Shred Alaska and Read more about this our client that is making dreams come true! Visit their site at or like their page on facebook!



Guide to Household Document Shredding

Household Document Shredding

Retail (Walk-In) Shredding provides individuals and small businesses convenient drop off service. Here’s a quick Guide to household document shredding and a few items that you may not have thought about when shredding household items.

Pick up your FREE nylon shred bag to take home to collect these items. When it’s full, bring it back and we will shred your documents while you wait.

Retail (Walk-In) Shredding Hours
Monday – Thursday 1pm to 6pm ; Friday – 10am to 4pm
Location: 801 East 82nd Ave #B1

Shred Alaska provides on-site shredding services, walk-in retail shredding, one-time file purge services and fully monitored hard drive destruction. Shred Alaska is here to partner with you to ensure your Data Storage Records Disposal is where it needs to be!

Schedule Your Fall Office Clean Out | Alaska Document Shredding Services

Alaska Document Shredding Services

As we enjoy the last few days of summer in Alaska, as school is back in session, most people are getting back in the office swing of things. This is an ideal time to schedule a fall office clean with Alaska Document Shredding Services, to de-clutter and reorganize. Whether it’s your home office or your business space a few tips to get you going are below:

Alaska Document Shredding Services

Organize Paper Files – Go through the paper documents that could be piling up on your desk or in the file room. Ensure that confidential information is filed and paperwork that is no longer needed is shredded and recycled. Utilizing a locking bin, or a shred bag provided by Shred Alaska is an idea way to store your shredding documents until you are ready to purge them.

Check Stored File Boxes – Don’t let those banker boxes in the corner of your office continue to take up unnecessary space. Determine if they are still required for storage, and if not request a one-time purge service. If they are still required to store, organize boxes according to date and clearly mark the date of destruction on each box. This will make for a more seamless fall office clean out next year.

Destroy Old Mail – As tempting as it is to just toss that junk mail in the trash, don’t! Throw it in the shred bin or bag and save it for complete destruction. You may be saving a minimal amount of time, but you are doing so at great risk to your companies identity and confidential information.

Old Computers and Equipment – Utilizing a recycling service for your old computer equipment is a great idea. However, pull out the hard drive before sending it on it’s way. Shred Alaska can provide you with documented hard drive destruction.

De-Clutter – The simple task of de-cluttering and organizing your work space helps to identify what needs to stay and what can go. This can also help you in maintaining your companies clean desk policy.

Shred Alaska provides on-site shredding services, walk-in retail shredding, one-time file purge services and fully monitored hard drive destruction. Shred Alaska is here to partner with you to ensure your Data Storage Records Disposal is where it needs to be!

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Shred Alaska August 29th

Shred Alaska August 29th

 Shred Alaska August 29th
Our entire facility will be closed on Monday August 29th, 2016 – for annual shredder/equipment maintenance, and training. Our phones and emails will not be staffed that day, our retail will be closed, and our trucks will not be on route. Please feel free to send over an email and we will get back with you on Tuesday!

FREE Shred Event Northrim Bank



The event was held on Anchorage August 18th 2pm-6pm at Northrim Building 3111 C Street Anchorage, Alaska

Results of our event went further than just protecting our Anchorage community against identity theft, we also had more earth friendly impacts as well! Check out our recycle and energy stats saved below:


Northrim Bank is partnered with Shred Alaska, Inc. for their seventh FREE Shred Event! Any single individual or business entity was able to bring up to a maximum of 150 pounds (about five banker boxes) of documents to be destroyed with on-site shredding!

The event occurred On Thursday, August 18,2016 from 2pm-6pm at the Northrim Bank Building 3111 C Street Anchorage, Alaska and had over 350 cars/patrons attended! What a great turnout Anchorage!

Take a look at some of our candid shots of the event!

FREE-Shred-Event-Northrim-Bank_results1_fb FREE Shred Event Northrim Bank



For questions for Northrim Bank Please Contact: Jenna Deason Public Relations Coordinator 907-261-3519 or

Shred Alaska is a premier document destruction service located in Anchorage Alaska. They offer premium document destruction services for commercial paper shredding, walk-in (retail) shredding, hard drive destruction as well as one-time file purge services. Shred Alaska provides secure document destruction of all of you sensitive documents.

Shred Alaska contributes to Alaska recycling efforts by recycling all of the shredded material that is deemed appropriate for recycle. Shred Alaska is your number one resource when searching for places to shred paper in Anchorage Alaska!

Not sure what you can shred or will it shred? Check out what you can shred for more information. Need a place to shred paper? Just stop in during our convenient walk-in destruction service for our easy retail drop in location. We will shred your materials as you watch, or take a shred bag home and fill it up for an even more convenient shredding option.

Interested in hosting your own FREE Shred Event for your customers? Contact Shred Alaska 907-929-1154 today to inquire about how to set up a great opportunity to connect with your customers while providing a valuable service.

Biggest Risk For Information Theft in Alaska

information theft

Your employees are your front-line in protection against information theft, but they might also be your biggest risk.
There are many ways to keep your information safe and it all starts with your employees and how they handle information.

Information Storage

Depending on how your files are handled, some or all of your employees may have access to personal information for you, your clients, and your other employees.Proper document storage, both hard copy files and electronic copies, is one of the best ways to ensure only the right people have access to private information.Asking your IT department to lock down server access, or certain folders on a server, can help keep employees from accidentally stumbling upon private files.Locked filing cabinets, offices, and secure shred bins – as well as implementing a “Clean Desk Policy” will keep human resources and accounting information safe from unnecessary or unauthorized access.

If you have stored documents that are no longer needed, Shred Alaska offers a one-time purge service that can handle that exposure.

Know Your Employees

It would be great if we could hire the people we knew and trusted but working with friends and family doesn’t always work. Having a thorough non-disclosure policy, a clean desk policy and a regular training program is a good rule of thumb to have in place with all employees who may have access to information.

Federal laws regarding protection of customers and employees confidential information include the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACT Act) and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Courts are prepared for holding employers liable for losses of their employees’ confidential information, even in the absence of a specific law requiring them to protect it.

Avoid Temps (If Possible)

One of the most nerve-wracking things about administrative work is that it is often done by temps! Allowing temp employees to file documents that may contain personal or financial information can be a risky practice. Getting temps from a reputable company that does their own background checking helps, but if you can avoid it, never leave them alone with files they can use to compromise any identifying or bank information. It’s unfortunate that trust isn’t something we can give freely, but in a day and age when information theft is so common, it is your responsibility to keep trusted information safe any way you can.


Contact us today to see how we can help with your information security needs.

Shred Alaska provides on-site shredding services, walk-in retail shredding, one-time file purge services and fully monitored hard drive destruction. Shred Alaska is here to partner with you to ensure your Data Storage Records Disposal is where it needs to be!

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