Is Your Document Destruction Service Securely Handling Your Sensitive Information?

Securely Handling Your Sensitive Information

You’ve taken steps to ensure the sensitive information put into your hands is handled securely by employing the services of a document destruction company.You tell your clients you use a reputable company to handle their information.

But how do you know the sensitive information you give them is handled securely?


Hard copies of personal information including social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, bank account information, and password may be necessary to do business. Once you’ve dropped these documents into your shredding container, do you know what happens to it?

A reputable document destruction service will follow stringent guidelines while handling your documents, as well as in their own facilities to ensure proper document disposal takes place and that your sensitive information stays secure.

Hard Drives

Once you are finished with a hard drive, or it quits operating properly, you need to get rid of it securely.Information container on hard drives can easily be recovered if the hard drive isn’t properly destroyed and disposed of. At Shred Alaska Inc. you can watch your hard drive being destroyed, giving you peace of mind that your sensitive information really is gone forever.Also, 100% of the shredded hard drive material is always responsible recycled to help keep our environment clean!


The National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) certifies companies who comply with the highest level of requirements for document and hard drive destruction firms.Their practices to ensure compliance include random unannounced audits of procedures and practices of the companies they certify, meaning they can guarantee your information is properly disposed of and safely handled.

The best way to find out how your information is handled once it’s picked up by your destruction service is to ask them what their practices are. If they don’t know or can’t answer your questions, is it truly secure? If they let you tour their facility, shadow their onsite operators and readily hand over their procedures and practices at your request, chances are they are a legitimate and reputable company. To guarantee to your clients that their information is safe, you need to require your document destruction vendor to remain NAID AAA certified throughout the life of your service agreement.

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