How Reputation Management Can Change Your Small Business

Reputation management is a new concept for a lot of small businesses.

There are many ways to improve your marketing and advertising, but there are also a lot things that can be detrimental to your cause.
What does reputation management mean and what can it do to change your small business?

Awareness- Knowledge is Power

You can’t change what you don’t know about.
Reputation management helps to make you aware of everything out in cyberspace about your company.
Have you ever Googled yourself, either your business or yourself personally?
If you haven’t, you should do it now.
Did you find anything surprising? Anything you forgot about? Anything you might not want a customer to see?
Professionally, there may be a bad review that crops up because it’s been looked at and shared numerous times.
You may be mentioned in an article alongside a company getting trashed for bad business and your name isn’t being used negatively but a cursory glance looks like it might be.
This could be enough for potential clients to move on to the next company.
One of the most important things about managing your business reputation is knowing everything there is to know about what is out there for customers to find.
If a negative review is posted, maybe you can do something about it. You could contact the reviewer and see if you can improve their experience.
At the very least, you can learn from the experience and post more positive information about your company that is more recent.

Visibility- SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a huge business.
Basically, how do you get your business to pop up in the top slot, or at least top few slots, when a consumer searches for your type of business in your location?
It’s possible the good reputation you have simply isn’t visible enough.
Reputation management can help guide you to that first search result spot.
The number of times your business name is mentioned in news articles, other reviews, and consumer reports will have a direct correlation to your business coming up in a search.
Reputation management is a delicate balance between saturating the market with your name and ensuring the majority of the information out there is positive and relevant.


Utilizing reputation management will help protect your privacy and securely handling your sensitive information, in terms of both personal information and professional business information.
Being alerted as soon as your small business name or your full name comes up in a post online will help track if those posts are positive or if they need to be reviewed or removed.
Taking immediate action is one of the ways to mitigate any negative impact on your reputation from information posted online by a third party.
As a small business, you want your name out in the world as a resource but you want to ensure your name is prevalent on the right platforms that will help your business grow the way you want to meet your goals.


Internet trolls are out there.
Bots and spammers can easily turn your posts from popular to passed over.
Without legitimate viewers and commenters, your posts will likely go unnoticed and not benefit your small business marketing.
Reputation management can help you watch your posts, website comment sections, photo sharing profiles, and other online presence to ensure you are getting a real audience instead of the attention of fake viewers.
Reputation management can help your small business by making you more aware of your online presence and getting advice on how to make it better.With a smartphone in every hand and a computer in every home, accessing online information is way too easy for you not to know what’s out there.

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