How To Assure Your Customers That Their Data Is Secure

Customers Secure Data

Your customers put a lot of faith in you when they hand over their personal information.How do they know their data is truly secure when doing business with your company?

There are a few ways to assure them that they’re data is secure.

Post Security Handling Policies

Posting information handling procedures and distributing them as requested can make customers feel more secure about handing over their data to your company. If your customers know it is company policy to shred documentation and dispose of it properly, they will feel assured that their data is secure.

Utilize Trusted Names

If your customers are able to make payments online – using a secure payment transaction website like PayPal, or a vaulting system like can make customers feel much safer about giving their information out online. Ensuring your customer can easily speak to a real person about transactions made online will also help their peace of mind.Many customers are wary of giving credit card or personal identification like social security numbers or other information over the phone, and rightfully so.

Communicate Your Transaction System

Communicate to customers that their information is going directly into a transaction system and that it is not being written down. Who knows what could happen to that written number after the card has been run or their social security number after the information is put into a computer system.

Major credit card companies and banks offer programs to help vendors ensure all transactions are secure, such as PCI compliance. Much like a security system sticker, posting which verified companies you use for data protection and destruction advertise your company’s dedication to security.

At Shred Alaska Inc., we take your customer’s data security seriously. We provide services like hard drive destruction as well as paper shredding and recycling that can help you assure your customers their data is safe with you!
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