How to Coach Employees About Your Green Solution

Once your company has committed to using a green solution, getting the buy-in from your employees is important.

Whether it be implementing new recycling policies or another form of planet saving business practice, spreading the word and getting employees to follow the new requests will keep your initiatives moving forward. Here are a few ways to coach your employees about your green solution.


Whatever the reason for your implementation of a more Earth-friendly and green solution, ensure this is clearly identified to your employees. If you simply tell them “recycle more”, some may comply, but they won’t know the reasons behind your new initiative.
You are more likely to get most of your organization behind the green movement if you make it clear you are helping save trees and the planet by asking that they put documents in the shredder box to get recycled, carpool to work, or utilize reusable cups and utensils.


Offering a small incentive for employees who adopt the policies associated with your green solution is a good way to get the ball rolling on new policies.You may consider holding a contest to see who can recycle the most paper in a month. Prizes don’t have to be big- a prime parking spot for a month or a gift card to a favorite restaurant are great tokens of appreciation. Showing employees you care about their dedication to the cause can go a long way in creating a green culture within your business.

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At Shred Alaska, we make it easy for your business to recycle because we recycle all destroyed documents!We know how important it is to save our resources and we want to help make your business as green as possible.

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