How to Implement The Clean Desk Policy At Your Healthcare Facility

The Clean Desk Policy is a great way to ensure sensitive information is secured, or destroyed, at the end of each day.

Information left in the hands of your employees can be sensitive and contain the personal or financial information of your patients or clients.

Understanding the Clean Desk Policy (CDP)

A Clean Desk Policy (CDP), put simply, is a policy put in place by management that requires all documents be stored securely or destroyed at the end of each day.When an employee leaves, their workspace must be free of papers – period. This will ensure sensitive information is either stored securely in locked containers, or has been destroyed at the end of the day.

Employer Requirements to effectively implement a CDP, employers must meet a few minimum requirements.


First,a policy must be clearly defined and agreed to by the staff. There must be clear requirements of the employees, direction on what to do with what types of files or papers, and the employees must be given the policy in an understandable format.

Document Storage Policy

Secondly,the employer must provide ample storage for documents that are to be saved and filed at the end of each day. This ensures employees know exactly where to place papers that are part of a patient file or other business file.

Document Destruction Policy

Thirdly,a reliable and realistic means of document destruction must be in place. Locked shredding boxes are the best way to do this.

Implementing the Clean Desk Policy at your healthcare facility or business does not have to be an arduous task. There are many resources that can help.At Shred Alaska, we can help set up a paper shredding service to meet the needs of your business and ensure that implementing a CDP is as easy as 1-2-3!

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