How To Train Your Employees About Phishing Identify Theft

Phishing Identity Theft

You put a lot of faith in your employees.Some of them may know all of your financial information, others may have company trade secrets.Your employees should be trained to avoid phishing scams that may target your company for identity theft.

Phone Calls

Cold calls from sales people can be an inconvenience or an annoyance but the wrong ones can also be dangerous.Train employees to be wary of phone calls requesting any personal or business information about other employees, customers, or the business itself.Remind your employees that scam artists are often charming and effective at getting information from a reluctant target.


It’s no secret that many emailing that come through are scams.Most people can see through them- they aren’t going to give their bank account information to the Prince in Nigeria and they have learned not to click the link promising free diet pills.What about the emails that look more legitimate and come from what seem like real people? An email requesting bank details so an invoice can be paid or a request for company officer’s information may look legitimate to an employee unfamiliar with scams designed to steal bank information and the identities of top ranking executives of companies.


People that drop by store fronts or offices usually just want to deliver information however there are some people who use face to face contact to throw off a target and steal information. Your front desk staff should be trained to recognize potential scams right away.People who get pronunciation of names wrong or who seem overly friendly when they haven’t met the desk staff before should cause suspicion.Make your staff aware of any files that need to be picked up or information allowed to be released prior to someone arriving for pick up.Always train your employees that if you’re not sure, ask their supervisor before giving out any information.

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