Is Your Medical Facility A Target For Identify Theft?

Medical Facility Identity Theft

New laws, new benefits, new reasons to steal.The recent Affordable Care Act requirements mean new things for many Americans but the most concerning is new reasons for identity theft.Could your medical facility be a target?


The ability for more individuals to purchase healthcare on their own makes it easier for identity thieves to get benefits under false identities.A study was done and found that people were able to get benefits with fake identities. What if one of those fake identities was your stolen identity? Keeping your patient information secure will help deter criminals looking to score personal information with which to receive benefits.There are a whole host of reasons people can’t, or won’t, use their own identities for benefits.One of the primary reasons for medical information theft is for prescriptions drugs.With medical coverage, a patient can get a prescription for medication they may not be able to get from a free clinic.


Healthcare facilities with less than stellar documentation control are easy targets for people looking to steal the identities of patients. Something as simple as a full name, address, and date of birth can be used to make a fake driver’s license which can be used to pick up medication for a patient at a pharmacy.A patient that needs prescription pain killers could easily have them stolen right from the pharmacy if a fake license was made using their information.
If your facility follows HIPAA guidelines for document control, ensures proper training and communication amongst your staff, and utilizes proper document and information destruction services, your medical facility will be a much less likely target for theft of information of your patients.

Shred Alaska Inc. can help ensure your facility stays secure with documents, making your medical facility less of a target for potential identity theft.

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