Chris Howard

Meet Our Team
Chris Howard

Chris has lived in Alaska for over 35 years and as many transplants to Alaska can confess, it’s very much home. Working as a NAID Certified Route Driver ( aka….”the shred guy”), Chris has spent the last 3.5 days enjoying the fun, challenge, and demanding position that Shred Alaska has provided. Being a route driver entails more than just jumping in a truck every morning, Chris has the opportunity to be the face of Shred Alaska to our clients.

A core value that resonates with Chris, is his commitment to customer service and working hard for the people that support his future, family and health. When not on route, Chris enjoys time dedicated to God, family, and church. As a father and husband, he finds the greatest peace knowing he is able to provide for his family with a company he is proud to work for.

Chris’s perfect day is a day away from the hustle and bustle…No phones, no noise, no crowds. Preferably in Hawaii with his beautiful wife and daughters.

Chris’s biggest inspirations are his parents. The foundation of his family, a 40+ year marriage, and the fortitude to leave Philadelphia behind in 1981 in order to give their family a better life, is where Chris learned the importance of commitment to family and hard work.

A great asset to the Shred family. Make sure to say hi if you see Chris out and about on route in Anchorage.