Joe Boltz

Meet Our Team
Joe Boltz

For over 10 years Joe has worked for Shred Alaska in multiple capacities. His ability to organize, route and re-route moving parts is why he excelled as our Anchorage Office Manager for 6.5 years, prior to taking on our entire Valley Shred Operations.

His family has grown right along with Joe, from finding out his first baby was born only 3 months after starting with Shred. Now Joe and his beautiful wife have 4 amazing kids. They have grown up with Shred Alaska as part of their family.

Working in the Valley allows Joe the luxury of enjoying more of the Alaskan scenery which he relishes. Being raised in Phoenix Arizona, he couldn’t have ever imagined that he’d consider Alaska home, but he most certainly does. He claims that one of the best things about working for Shred Alaska is the small family environment and knowing who is responsible for the company.

While you’re driving around from Pittman Road, to the Valley, out to Palmer look for our Shred 3 Truck and wave hi to Joe!

We’d love the chance to come out and meet with you. Watch our Meet Our Team Video Bio for Joe!