What Not to Shred – Episode 2

The Twins and
What Not to Shred – Episode 2

Our next stop is focused on explaining what Shred Alaska can and can’t shred at your business location. Let “the twins”, Devin Barrows and Joe Brady, once again walk you through what we can and can’t shred when we arrive at your business.


Do you ever wonder what can we shred at your business location? Shred Alaska has compiled a pdf list that is downloadable. Post this info by your shred bin or bag so that everyone is aware what is and isn’t acceptable for the shred bins. We shred paper documents and hard drives. Shredding personal and confidential information according to NAID standards helps prevent identity theft, corporate piracy, and data theft.

Regardless of the amount, Shred Alaska can provide a seamless destruction process. We will utilize our Shred Alaska on-site trucks to come to your location and destroy all unwanted documents, securely and efficiently.

Ensure that all of your sensitive documents are destroyed right before your eyes. Our certified document destruction personnel will facilitate the destruction of your files/documents right on-site.

Need a printable form to show you what you can and can’t shred? Download our convenient flyer and keep readily available for review! As always, Contact Shred Alaska to discuss your shredding needs.