Proper Document Disposal: It’s Time to Join the 21st Century

21st Century Document Destruction

Standard business practices evolve and adapt over time.

We learn from our mistakes, regulations are put in place, and new procedures become the standard.These changes benefit businesses and their customers because they enhance efficiency and make data more secure.

Sending Data

From carrier pigeons to the Pony Express, it used to take weeks or months for information to get from one place to another.Even just 10-15 years ago, the easiest and quickest way to get documents to someone was to send them via fax.A hard copy of what could be your most sensitive information was printed out in an office where, theoretically, anyone could get to it.Email, Dropbox, and file sharing programs are the new norm for getting information to and from people efficiently, both in business and personally. All office machines and personal electronic devices are outfitted with some type of hard drive – including smart phones, scanners, copiers, and even fax machines.While this makes you feel more secure, ensuring your company utilizes a reputable hard drive and e-waste destruction company when it comes time to get rid of old machines will ensure your company, and your client’s information stays safe.


It used to be normal for doctors to smoke in their offices.Forklift drivers used to commonly have a beer while moving a load from one side of the warehouse to the other.Cocaine was commonly used in many medical procedures as a legitimate medicine including optical procedures and to treat spinal injuries.Companies used to throw financial and personal information in the garbage with old coffee grounds.All of the practices above have long been shown to be not only illogical but dangerous – and illegal!That’s right, tossing out sensitive information is dangerous and identity theft and hacking are huge problems in business information security.Just because it’s how it was always done doesn’t make it smart or safe.Look into the newest technology when it comes to document and hard drive destruction.

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