Trends In Paper Shredding

Trends In Paper Shredding

Paper shredding is one facet of information destruction that is constantly evolving.

Where much more simple forms of paper destruction and hard drive destruction used to be sufficient, more complex and crafty criminals mean information needs to be handled more effectively.

As in other businesses, the paper shredding industry has been changing with time to meet the modern consumers demands as well as the needs of the business community.

Types of Shredders

At the inception of at-home shredders, a simple shredder that created small strips from one large piece of paper was the way to go for people concerned with getting rid of important documents at home or in business. But, do paper shredders do a good enough job?

At that time, this hand-crank invention that was inspired by at-home pasta makers was enough to give people the peace of mind that their information was gone.

Now, a bit of Scotch tape and some time would be enough to put those pieces back together and gain back the information people thought was gone forever.

As paper shredding has become more and more necessary out of sheer volume, as well as through legislation, at home shredders are getting more sophisticated. Finding reliable places to shred documents has become vitally important.

Particle, or cross-cut shredders are best for getting rid of truly sensitive information if in fact you must do it on your own, however – If there’s any doubt- leave it to the professionals. Utilizing a premier document destruction service like Shred Alaska, is an ideal fit when seeking a dependable document destruction company.

The massive volumes of paper added into the equation from different places when using a commercial destruction service exponentially decreases the likelihood that someone will be able to piece even a small part of your information back together.

Shredding services also often recycle paper they’ve shredded, meaning there’s no way your information will ever be recovered. Anchorage recycling centers are always utilized for Shred Alaska’s shed material – without compromising the security of your shredded items.

The complete chain of custody utilized in a commercial shredding service adds an extra layer of security where shredding items on your own falls short. Unfortunately, some recent companies have been greatly impacted by security breaches.

Business Opportunities

With more and more information out there, it’s becoming much more critical to properly dispose of shred documents or hard drive destruction. You or your employees may ask, “where can I have my documents shredded.” Answering this question with the name of a dependable document destruction company, is important.

Shredding paperwork is a critical business requirement, and shredding services are the most common solution to business or personal shredding needs. Often free shredding events are available for those that may only need occasional paper shredding. However, also walk-in destruction services, on-site destruction, or hard drive destruction are all easy ways to ensure your critical exposures are protected.

Where it used to be difficult to find someone who could securely handle large volumes of paper that needed to be shredded, more and more often shredding companies are opening in expanding markets making secure shredding services readily available to all businesses and individuals.

Shred Alaska prides itself on providing a level of service for both residential consumers as well as corporate consumers. We appreciate the things that companies have to say about our services.


Getting rid of information used to be much more difficult.

Imagine having to have a bonfire every time you wanted to get rid of the documents you no longer need that have personal or financial information on them. Maybe, you have to get rid of documents because of legal compliance. Either way, the current trend in paper shredding is simply to have someone else do it for you!

Paper shredding companies have made a big push in the business segment in the last 10 years, and are really just now beginning to pay attention to the needs and concerns of individual customers.

Technological Advances

Many people were surprised to find that as technology advances, we start using more paper, not less.

With the rise of computers, people assumed everything would be electronic and paper would eventually become obsolete.
If you were to look around your office now, you would notice that even though every desk likely has a computer, and even a printer – most often it also has a stack of paper either on the desk or filed somewhere near it.

Original copies of contracts, checks, receipts, and signed employment paperwork is likely amongst those stacks of paper.

Keeping electronic copies stored away is the trend in document storage but that means shredding originals and the day-to-day items is at the top of the list for handling these documents. Allowing Shred Alaska to automate your business shredding process is an added value to the Shred Alaska services.


With many people focused on our own futures and those of our children, recycling and sustainability are at the forefront of many business’s missions.  The shredding industry is no exception.

Paper waste is unnecessary and since many people accidentally or unnecessarily print documents, recycling those documents is important. Many can just be dropped in the recycling bin and minimally processed since the fibers stay intact.

Shredded office paper  is most often re-purposed as newspaper, paper towels, paper bags, and many other useful consumer products.

If you are looking for a cutting edge shredding service for your business, be sure to find one that recycles the paper they shred.  If they can’t answer the question about recycling for you, your answer should be no! Shred Alaska partners with the Anchorage recycle center to ensure that all of the results of our shredding- are recycled.

Some trends are worth grabbing onto and many of the trends in paper shredding are for the greater good, like recycling and information security.

Contact us today to see how we can help with your paper shredding needs.

Shred Alaska is a premier document destruction service located in Anchorage Alaska. They offer a convenient place to shred paper or hard drives. Shred Alaska provides secure document destruction of all of you sensitive documents.

Shred Alaska contributes to Alaska recycling efforts by recycling all of the shredded material that is deemed appropriate for recycle. Shred Alaska is your number one resource when searching for places to shred paper in Anchorage Alaska!

Not sure what you can shred or will it shred? Check out what you can shred for more information. Need a place to shred paper? Just stop in during our convenient walk-in destruction service for our easy retail drop in location. We will shred your materials as you watch, or take a shred bag home and fill it up for an even more convenient shredding option.

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