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We’ve been going through some exciting changes at Shred Alaska. As technology advances, threats to personal and business information have increased. At Shred Alaska, our #1 goal is to help individuals and businesses protect their sensitive information.We’ve been in the information security business for over a decade and have learned a lot about our industry; that’s where the topic of today’s blog post comes in. Previously, we’ve used our blog as a way to highlight events and updates about our company. That’s been great and we hope it’s been helpful.

Now we’re going to be taking our blog in a new direction to better assist you with any questions you might have about important topics related to the destruction of your sensitive information.

The New Shred Alaska Blog

Times are different today. A vast amount of information can be accessed from nearly anywhere. There are new threats to information like online hacking, but more traditional threats still remain in the common waste stream, like exposure of sensitive printed documents.

The new Shred Alaska Blog will be geared toward information to help individuals and businesses keep their information confidential. The first step in this process is Identifying Common Problems. We have many years of experience and are knowledgeable on current and best practice for document destruction management and are well equipped to give advice on how you can mitigate common problems from the start.

Going forward, we will be discussing Identity Theft, Patient Information, Legal Compliance Requirements for information security, Document and Information Security, the Secure Destruction Process, and the Green Solution for environmental responsibility and sustainability. Other topics will be explored as well on our blog to ensure real time accounting and discussion of the new and fresh issues facing our customers.

Every business, from sole- proprietors to large corporations has sensitive information that could prove damaging if it fell into the wrong hands. Properly securing information within your business is crucial to keeping company intellectual property secrets, well – secret!

We will also focus on our efforts to stay current with processes and market trends. We’ll be covering lots of additional topics and explaining common issues that businesses face and how you can avoid being compromised by staying on top of trends in the information security industry.

Our Goals For The Blog

This blog is meant to keep you informed.There are a million scary things out there and sensitive information theft is one of them, but we want to help you take a proactive approach to protecting your personal and business information.

Whether you’re keeping written information on paper or stored information on computers and other devices, it’s good to know what potential threats there are and how you can work to protect yourself. With our experience over the last decade, we have learned a lot about the industry and now we want to share that experience with you, our customer.

We know you’re busy working in your industry. You’re up on everything in the healthcare industry or the hospitality industry or whatever industry you’re in. That’s where we are with the information security and destruction industry. It’s our job to be the experts and we want our blog posts to give you the tools you need to take to make sure you avoid any potential risks associated with your sensitive information.
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